Level Measurement Products from Elobau

Elobau Sensor Technology introduces a new line of level measurement products, including sensors for liquids and bulk solids, switches and level indicators. All these products are engineered and manufactured by the company for OEM applications in a wide variety of process industries from food and chemicals to grain silos, machine oil reservoirs and even very high-accuracy level monitoring.

Depending upon the specific requirements, Elobau can supply such solutions as a quasi-analog indicator with dry reed resistor chains and a resolution to 5mm, plus low-cost capacitive level indicators with cut-to-length probes and pushbutton calibration, as well as silo switches with multi-level digital indication. Elobau level measurement products are supplied in a wide variety of material construction to suit virtually any industry specification and are offered with compatible ball, canister, miniature and multi-level floats; broken finger, bulk material and miniature switches; suction pipes with built-in near-empty switches and a wide variety of custom options.

Monitoring and indicating devices complete the Elobau offering and include digital input LED bar graph panel meters, analog input control units with available twin-channel design, featuring two changeover relay outputs where the set levels can be adjusted independently. Circular style panel instruments with standard 24 LED bar graph indication and voltage or current input are also available.

Elobau is a vertically integrated manufacturer that offers circuit and cable assembly, plastic molding and full performance testing at its factories. Thus, modifications to suit virtually all industrial and commercial requirements are achieved quickly and in a cost-effective manner, through the design and engineering talent resident at Elobau.
Interested parties should contact Elobau for a free catalog on these and other controls, sensors and machine safety products offered by the company. Or, please visit www.elobau-st.com.

Contact: ELOBAU SENSOR TECHNOLOGY INC., 900 North Shore Drive, Suite 215, Lake Bluff, IL 60044.Phone: 847-615-0828.Fax: 847-615-0989. Email: elobau@elobau-st.com.

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