Level Indicator is designed for forklift batteries.

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Model Navigator(TM) bi-colored electrolyte level light indicator provides at-a-glance status of electrolyte level status of battery. When indicator is lit to green, battery is ready to go. When it shows red, battery needs water. The 1-2 mA signal generated is intrinsically safe, eliminating chance of spark. Low power level puts no additional drain on battery.

Original Press Release:

New Level Indicator Gives a Green Light for Forklift Batteries Premiers at PROMAT 2005

Grand Rapids, MI - Having filled batteries ready and charged to keep forklift fleets rolling is a hit or miss proposition. Maintaining correct electrolyte levels requires disciplined scheduling, tracking and inspection that can slip in busy operations. The new Navigator(TM) bi-colored electrolyte level light indicator from Flow-Rite Controls Ltd makes this job far easier and reliable, and will be introduced in Booth 3613 at PROMAT 2005. The Navigator indicator gives drivers and maintenance personnel at-a-glance status of the electrolyte level status of each battery. When the indicator is lit to green the battery is ready to go. When it goes to red, the battery needs a refill of water. This approach is much more effective than indicator lights that display a green light only in indicating when additional water is needed. As well as being a time-saver for forklift maintenance operations the Navigator indicator saves the battery and provides an extra measure of safety and reliability. One of the common ways to destroy lead plates within a battery is when the water level drops and the battery shorts out, ruining the battery. By monitoring the Navigator indicator light this possibility is prevented. The 1-2 ma signal generated by the Navigator indicator probe is intrinsically safe eliminating the chance of a spark. A low power level at the same time puts no additional battery drain. The Navigator indicator is easy to install, and has a one year warranty. Flow-Rite recommends using this low-cost indicator with each Flow-Rite Single Point Watering System for forklifts as well as utility carts, floor sweepers and other industrial service vehicles. Flow-Rite Controls Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and developer of quality battery watering systems and products for vehicles and boats, serving the industrial, commercial and recreational markets for over 20 years. Its products are sold world-wide through battery dealers. Please send inquiries to: Ron Earl Sales and Marketing Flow-Rite Controls Ltd rearl@Flow-Rite.com www.flow-rite.com (616) 243-2750

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