LEL Closed Cell PE Foam is suited for military applications.

Press Release Summary:

Available in 2 x 24 x 108 in., charcoal black-colored planks and densities of 2.2, 4, 6, and 9 lb/ft³, PolyPlank® low explosive limit (LEL) closed cell polyethylene (PE) foam targets military applications requiring cushioning materials containing 10% or lower VOCs. Cushioning properties, which protect against impact and vibrations incurred during transport, accommodate requirements of weaponry, ammunition, fuses, and instrumentation. Foam with 2.2 lb/ft³ density also comes in 48 in. width.

Original Press Release:

Pregis Launches PolyPlank® LEL Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam to Provide Cushioning for Military Applications

Deerfield, Ill. – Pregis Corp. is announcing the launch of a new low explosive limit (LEL) closed cell polyethylene (PE) foam.

PolyPlank® LEL targets a variety of military applications which require cushioning materials containing 10 percent or lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Up until now, the market only had a single supply source for LEL cushioning foam.  Pregis’ entry offers military subcontractors desirable supply diversity.

VOC compounds, which are present in blowing agents needed to produce PE foam, diffuse from foam naturally over time.  However, untreated foam placed in an airtight, metal container (which is used to house weaponry or other military instruments) can pose a potential problem due to gas volatility.

Pregis’ new proprietary process is able to produce PE foam which meets, or is lower than, the 10 percent LEL of blowing agents used in foam specified for military applications.  Its superior cushioning properties protect against impact, vibrations, etc., incurred during transport. Applications include a broad variety of military instruments including weaponry, ammunition, fuses, instrumentation, etc.

PolyPlank® LEL is available in 2- x 24- x 108-inch charcoal black-colored planks and in densities of 2.2-, 4-, 6- and 9 pounds per cubic foot (pcf).  The 2.2 pcf density is also available in a 48-inch width. PolyPlank® is in stock and available for immediate shipment.

About Pregis
Pregis Corporation is a leading global provider of innovative protective packaging materials and systems. The company offers solutions for a wide variety of consumer and industrial market segments including food, beverage, healthcare, medical devices, agricultural, e-commerce, retail, automotive, furniture, electronics, construction and military/aerospace. Pregis currently operates 25 facilities in 10 countries in North America and Europe. For more information, visit www.pregis.com.

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