Leine & Linde 600 Series Encoders Now Offer EtherCAT Option

Schaumburg, IL –  Leine Linde's ISA and IHA 600 series of solid shaft and hollow-shaft absolute rotary encoders are well known to have been optimized for process and machine control in the harsh environments found in steel, mining and energy industries.  EtherCAT is one of the latest networking technologies to be utilized for process or equipment control in these applications, and Leine Linde has now brought this technology to the 600 series encoder products to complement the existing PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CAN Open and Device Net interface solutions.

EtherCAT (Ethernet for Controlled Automation Technology) is a real-time industrial communication protocol characterized by:  fast cycle times  (<100µs), precise synchronization (<100ns), adaptable network topology, a flexible number of nodes, and stable performance.

The Leine & Linde EtherCAT implementation supports cycle times down to 31.25 µs. In addition to the position value, advanced signal processing inside the encoder can deliver velocity, acceleration, alarms and warnings to the control system, providing multi-variable feedback for sophisticated control algorithms with short cycle times. The 600 series EtherCAT implementation encoder interface supports CANopen over EtherCAT according to CiA 301 and the device profile range CiA 406.

For more information on this new rotary combination, contact Bob Setbacken at HEIDENHAIN at 805-562-1160 or write to HEIDENHAIN Corporation, 333 E. State Parkway, Schaumburg, IL  60173 or e-mail at bsetbacken@heidenhain.com

Leine & Linde is based in Sweden with exclusive North American distribution through HEIDENHAIN Corporation in Schaumburg, IL.  Leine & Linde is well known for offering high quality, heavy duty encoders of both the incremental and absolute types, are noted for their product robustness and design to cope with the harshest of environments, such as those with high vibration, dirt and cold temperatures.  These heavy, severe duty encoders are suited for drive and measurement applications and are often found in industries such as pulp and paper, forest and wood processing, agriculture, aggregate and mining equipment.

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