Leidos Engineering/Environmental Equipment and Supply Carries RAE Systems' Wireless Instruments

Trusted by first responders throughout the world, RAE Systems' line of wireless instruments can keep you connected wherever you may go.

Environmental Equipment and Supply sells, rents and provides warranty service for all RAE Systems' products. We carry the MultiRAE, QRAE 3 and the ToxiRAE Pro family. To coordinate and communicate data to multiple units, read more about the RAELink 3 Mesh Wireless Modem and EchoView Host Mini-Controller.

About Environmental Equipment and Supply

For over 26 years we have served customers in the environmental, commercial, and construction marketplace. We believe our experience is second to none. All of our environmental, safety and sampling equipment is shipped serviced, ready to use and we can provide advice on what to rent and how best to use it. We proudly represent the following manufacturers; Grundfos Pumps including Redi Flo2, Redi Flo3 and Redi Flo4 environmental pump line, Franklin Electric, RAE Systems, Thermo Electron, Aqua Bailer, Horiba Instruments, Waterra USA, Clear View Bailers, Solinst Groundwater Monitoring Products, ProActive 12 Volt Pumps, In-Situ Inc., Honeywell Analytics Gas Detectors, Heron Instruments, Masterflex Peristaltic Pumps, Tam Inflatable Packers and more

Harrisburg Office

491L Blue Eagle Ave, Harrisburg, PA 17112

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Fax: 717-901-8114

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