Leibinger Inkjet Printers Keep Production Running for Months without Intervention of any Kind

Leibinger Inkjet printers keep production running for months without intervention of any kind. Our Sealed Nozzle Technology makes the difference!

JetMotion can be integrated with Leibinger printers for traversing single or multiple printheads on packaging machines and other applications requiring the printhead to move.  Single and dual axis control is easy to implement with all printers.

Simple HMI touch screen control for easy job formatting and recall. Printers come standard with software capable of printing in both traverse directions. 

Contact info:

Phone: 262-642-4030

Email: info@leibingerusa.com

Web: www.leibinger-group.com

Contact: Jim Mueller

Phone: 262-642-4030

Email: jmueller@leibingerusa.com

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