Legally Binding Counterfeit Protection for Industry and Manufacturing

3S Simons Security Systems GmbH at Hannover Messe 2013

Nottuln, Germany - 3S Simons Security Systems GmbH will be presenting its industry-specific SECUTAG solutions for counterfeit protection at Hannover Messe 2013. A major focus will be on the variety of applications for industry and manufacturing. Combining traceability and counterfeit protection using SECUDATA will be another important issue. The expert for legally binding counterfeit protection will be showcasing its wide range of products and solutions at Hannover Messe, in hall 8, stand no. D06/10, from 8 - 12 April 2013.

Counterfeit protection for integrated industries

Given the process of continuing integration of production and logistics, it is an essential mission of modern industrial enterprises to implement a seamless counterfeit protection system. SECUTAG-based security solutions by 3S provide a clear and legally binding proof of authenticity. As a result, everyone involved in the production and supply chain is able to identify products as originals. The only device they need is a simple microscope. Companies using 3S industry solutions for product protection also score a good selling point: Their customers are safe in the knowledge that they buy the original product.

Fast and inexpensive integration into production processes

This protection strategy will not only reduce control costs along the production and supply chain, but it will also strengthen the image of industrial manufacturers as guarantors of high quality. This is because the system can be communicated to the public. Additionally, micro colour codes help companies to protect industrial property rights as well as brand and product portfolios. Moreover, they assist the fight against unjustified product liability and damage claims.

3S solutions can be easily combined with other security features and integrated into existing manufacturing processes. The manufacturer determines at which point of the production process the security system is used and chooses the appropriate procedure. Complex changes to the manufacturing process are not required. The full-service provider 3S offers a wide range of security solutions that are optionally available in combination with standard security features or ERP systems.

Broad spectrum of applications

In the mechanical and industrial engineering sectors, SECUTAG provides the proof of authenticity for single components, e.g. assemblies, compressors and ball bearings, as well as spare parts and precision tools. In the automobile and aviation industry, third-party products such as brake pads and filters benefit from a security concept that provides legally binding product protection. Moreover, the functionality of conventional product protection systems such as seals, labels, holograms and closures can be optimised by combining them with SECUTAG.

Traceability must be tamper-resistant

Another major exhibition focus will be on the combination of traceability and counterfeit protection. Radio frequency identification (RFID) or data matrix are identification technologies that are suitable for logistics, however, they do not offer any counterfeit protection. RFID chips are not yet economically viable for mass application and they cannot be used for all materials; apart from that, they can be manipulated. And data matrix codes can now be forged easily.

This is why SECUDATA combines the logistic advantages of traceability systems (e.g. data matrix and RFID) and counterfeit protection by means of micro colour codes. Both codes are conjointly applicable onto the product, its primary or secondary packaging, labels and closures. Thanks to the micro colour code both the traceability code and the product are protected against counterfeiting in a manner that cannot be legally contested. First, the traceability code is checked via databases; verification by means of the micro colour code then provides conclusive assurance. In this way, SECUDATA ensures seamless protection of the entire flow of goods and materials, from the supplier and manufacturer to the distributor and end customer.

3S Simons Security Systems GmbH

3S Simons Security Systems GmbH is an internationally renowned manufacturer of labelling systems for legally binding counterfeit protection. On the basis of the world's smallest micro colour codes SECUTAG, 3S has developed several industry solutions against product piracy. They allow users to secure products, spare parts and accessories, tools, drugs, cosmetics, textile and sporting goods, lifestyle articles, art objects, primary and secondary packaging, quality and closure seals, pallets, documents, certificates and ERP data, among others. Moreover, 3S security solutions can be combined with traceability systems (data matrix, RFID) so that the entire production and supply chain is seamlessly protected against counterfeiting.

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