Leedy Electric East Partners with EcoGreen Hotel to Offer Energy Saving LED Technology

Lakeland, Florida – Leedy Electric East, a central Florida electrical contractor specializing in industrial and commercial electrical maintenance, construction, and engineering, has partnered with EcoGreen Hotel to offer solutions for energy savings and sustainability using the latest in LED technology.

Leedy starts with a free facility lighting analysis. In the analysis, they examine the type and numbers of fixtures used, the hours of operation, and the local cost of energy per kilowatt/hour in order to calculate the current energy costs. They also determine how many LED fixtures would be necessary to create an equivalent or superior amount of light.  By comparing the cost of retrofitting the facility with LED lighting and the LED operational costs with the operational costs of the existing lights, they are able to determine the time it would take to recoup the cost of the new installation.

A typical ROI (Return On Investment) is 3-36 months. John Leedy, owner of Leedy Electric East, explained the benefits of their program. "LED lighting saves money in several ways.  LED lights use less energy to run, and because they last a lot longer the customer saves on labor and replacement bulbs. The LED bulbs also come with a 5 to 10 year warranty from the manufacturer."

Leedy Electric's program includes assistance with rebate programs and tax credit incentives. Leedy staff can inform their customers of the available opportunities, and assist with the required documentation.

Leedy Electric is a state certified electrical contractor specializing in commercial and industrial construction, maintenance, arc flash consulting, training and compliance.

For more information on the EcoGreen Hotel LED technology, or the design, installation or repair of your electrical system call 863-425-2698 or visit www.leedyelectric.com.

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