Lee Sanitary Jacketed Ball Valves

The Processing Challenge:

Keeping liquid, semi-liquid, or solid-in-liquid products which tend to solidify, free flowing while discharging from a vessel or transferring through in-line piping. Some product examples would be chocolate/confections, meats containing fats and tallow, etc.

The Lee Fluid Transfer Solution:

Lee took their superior valve line a step further by designing a sanitary ball valve that is fully jacketed, providing both heating and cooling applications to the products flowing through valves. By introducing heating (or cooling) media direct to the valve body, it allows the product running through the valves to either be heated or cooled to desired temperatures. No more electric heating wraps with loose wires draped around valves, creating hazardous environments. Heating or cooling media can be piped directly to the valves jacket connections for a safe and clean design. 

In Conclusion:

Clients who have utilized Lee Fluid Transfer Sanitary Jacketed Ball Valves have experienced great success and satisfaction in solving the solidification issues they once had. As with standard designed valves, Lee Fluid Transfer Jacketed Ball Valves are precision made of Type 316 stainless steel and they are a 3A Sanitary USDA accepted design that are used in major Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Chemical, and Metal-Detection industries worldwide where solidification of a product is a concern.

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