LEDtronics Application Story: LED Flat Panels Light up Dental Surgery Rooms

Torrance, Calif. – The difference was "night and day" when the primary office for Nu Image: Surgical and Dental Implant Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, installed LEDtronics' LED Flat Panel Lights to replace their old-technology fluorescent tube lights in their parabolic troffers.

Both patients and staff alike were very excited when they came in the next day to see how bright the office was. "It actually made the rooms look like they changed color – It made the colors pop," says Kourosh Neshat, who works in Marketing for Nu Image.

The LED Flat Panels were installed in the surgery rooms as well as Dr. Kevin Neshat's office. Dr. Neshat loves the new lights, as they greatly improve visibility and liven up the room. "It makes a very bright and vibrant atmosphere there," says Kourosh.

As far as the surgery rooms, the LED Flat Panels leave no shadows, and the more light the better, explains Kourosh. "Sometimes we have an overhead light that we have to hang from the ceiling, and none of the light is obstructed at all as far as shining on people and any of the equipment."

Kourosh says that they were using the old, energy-hogging lighting for about 10 years, and they would go out very often. "The bulbs unfortunately don't go out at the same time, so you go up and change one, and the next week, another one may go out."

He says that with the new LEDtronics LED Flat Panels, that is not the case, and that they haven't had to replace them even once. He laughed and said he is very thankful for that, because he was the one who had to constantly replace the old lights. Kourosh says the LED Flat Panels have been "trouble-free."

Kourosh explains that another advantage of switching to LED is no more loud buzzing sound like there was from the fluorescent lights. He also says the lights keep the temperature down, and he believes that installing the lights gave them immediate cost savings.

Nu Image installed the LED Flat Panels in two out of their three locations, with the brand new facility being completely outfitted with the panels. The panels at the primary office were 2 foot by 4 foot in Natural White (4100K). LEDtronics offers the panels in various other sizes and colors.

Nu Image is very satisfied with their decision to go with LEDtronics' LED Flat Panel Lights, and they plan to incorporate more of them as they look to expand. "We're going green, so we're excited about that."

Nu Image: Surgical and Dental Implant Center performs most types of oral surgeries, including extracting wisdom teeth, dental implants, and more. They can be found online at www.ncimplant.com.

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