LED Products produce 74 lumens per watt.

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XThin(TM) solid-state LED emitters combine Group III nitride materials with silicon carbide substrate. Vertically structured LED chips measure approximately 115 microns high and incorporate epi-down design for maximized light extraction efficiency and white light conversion. Applications include next generation mobile appliances' LCD backlights and digital camera flash.

Original Press Release:

Cree Expands Product Line with Introduction of XTHIN(TM) LED Products

Company Demonstrates 74 Lumens per Watt in R&D Results

Durham, NC, September 23, 2003 - Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) today announced that it has begun volume production of its new XThin(TM) light emitting diode (LED) products. Cree's XThin(TM) LEDs are the next generation of solid-state LED emitters that combine highly efficient Group III nitride materials with Cree's silicon carbide substrate to deliver superior price performance for high intensity LEDs. These vertically structured LED chips are approximately 115 microns in height, representing over a 50% reduction to our typical LED height, and have a lower forward voltage than our standard XBright® products. The geometrically enhanced epi-down design maximizes light extraction efficiency for improved white light conversion.

Mike Dunn, Vice President, Optoelectronics, stated, "We are excited to introduce our newest LED product with a lower forward voltage and a new thinner design which will enhance our XBright® family of products. We believe that as we continue to add improvements to our chips, it will enable new opportunities in the marketplace for our LED products."

Target applications for this product include white LEDs for next generation mobile appliances for use in their LCD backlights and digital camera flash where brightness, sub-miniaturization, and low power consumption are required. For additional product specifications, please refer to the data sheets on Cree's website at www.cree.com under "LED Products."

In related news, Cree R&D teams in Durham and at the company's Santa Barbara Technology Center have demonstrated a record 35% quantum efficiency at 20mA for blue LEDs based on its XBright® chip technology. White LEDs fabricated using these novel XBright® chips produced 4.1 lumens of light in industry standard LED packages with an electrical energy conversion efficiency of 65 lumens per watt at 20mA. In laboratory packages the XBright® chips produced 4.7 lumens of light with 74 lumens per watt. These are the highest known efficiencies publicly reported for LEDs emitting in the blue and white wavelength spectrum. This work was sponsored, in part, by the Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and by the State of California, California Technology Investment Partnership.

Cree is an advanced semiconductor company that leverages its expertise in silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon (Si) materials technology to produce new and enabling semiconductors. The products include blue, green and ultraviolet (UV) light emitting diodes (LEDs), near UV lasers, radio frequency (RF) and microwave devices, and power switching devices. Potential applications for these products include solid-state illumination, optical storage, wireless infrastructure and power switching. For more information on Cree, please visit www.cree.com

Cree, the Cree logo and XBright are registered trademarks, and XThin is a trademark, of Cree, Inc.

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