LED Mounting Spacers assure perpendicular LED positioning.

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With overall height ranging from 0.120-0.925 in., self-retaining, T-1 LED Mounting Spacers feature internal retention teeth, which secure spacers onto LED leads prior to assembly on PCBs. Design also eliminates possibility of LED lead shorting by separating and retaining component leads while inserting into PCB. Incorporated into molded Nylon 6/6 structure, spacers' 020 in. legs serve dual purpose of heat dissipation and post-solder cleaning.

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Self-Retaining T-1 LED Mounting Spacers

Astoria, NY... An innovative new series of self-retaining, T-1 LED mounting spacers designed to assure uniform and perpendicular LED positioning while reducing assembly costs is now available from Keystone Electronics Corp.

These latest additions to the company's expanding group of universal, self-aligning LED spacers feature internal retention "teeth" which secure spacers onto LED leads, prior to assembly on PCB's. The unique design also eliminates the possibility of LED lead shorting by separating and retaining component leads while inserting into a PCB. In addition, no special tools are required to preassemble LED's to spacers.

The new spacers feature 0.020"(0.5mm) legs incorporated into the molded Nylon 6/6 structure to serve the dual purpose of heat dissipation and easy post-solder cleaning. Overall height of the spacers range from 0.120" to 0.925"(3.0mm to 23.5mm).

Keystone also offers a selection of "Universal" and "Self-aligning" LED spacer mounts which accommodate both Tri-lead and Bi-lead T-1 and T-1 3/4 LED's.

Availability is from stock through Keystone's global distribution network. Online ordering is accommodated.

Keystone Electronics Corp. is a major manufacturer of interconnect components and hardware and provides a full complement of stamping, machining and assembling services. An in-house application engineering group is on hand to aid in product modifications or customers special designs.

Keystone is ISO-9001:2008 certified and RoHS, REACH compliant with USA headquarters and offices in Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. For further details and to request literature contact (800) 221-5510 or (718) 956-8900; fax (718) 956-9040; Email kec@keyelco.com or view www.keyelco.com.

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