LED Lamp and Driver Package offers luminous efficacy of 70.

Press Release Summary:

Part of Mizar Series, MR1605WH-V2AN LED Lamp and GP-HS05N Driver bundle replaces older light sources that use GU5.3 bipin connector. Available in 2 color variants, MR1605WH-V2AN brings precision illumination on demand with non-dimmable 50° beam. GL-MR1605WH-V2AN-CW provides bright daylight illumination at 5,000 K with CRI of over 70, while GL-MR1605WH-V2AN-WW illuminates with warm 3,000 K beam and CRI better than 80. Accepting 100-240 V, AC-to-DC LED driver is IP67-rated for harsh conditions.

Original Press Release:

5 Watt MR1605WHV2AN LED Lamp with Driver from GlacialLight

- With high efficiency Nichia LED, for very long life and big energy savings -

Taipei, Taiwan - GlacialLight, a division of experienced global technology leader, GlacialTech Inc., today announced the MR1605WH-V2AN LED Lamp and GP-HS05N driver bundle, as part of the Mizar Series of LED lighting products.

This high efficiency 5W LED lamp and driver are an ideal replacement for older,
less efficient light sources that use a GU5.3 bipin connector. The MR1605WH-V2AN LED lamp and GP-HS05N driver combo is a perfect choice for any location that can benefit from lower energy costs and more satisfied users. Its key advantages are remarkably low energy and maintenance costs.

This lamp's bright natural illumination is great for all interiors. Applications include architectural lighting, spot lighting, cabinet lighting, commercial lighting, retail lighting, accent lighting, hallway lighting, and other indoor spaces. The MR1605WH-V2AN uses Nichia LED technology for long life, low heat, and greatly reduced power costs.

A top priority during the design process for this product was saving money for users. The MR1605WH-V2AN's LED technology slashes maintenance costs, with a rated lifetime of 30,000 hours. Thanks to the specially-designed GP-HS05N driver, the LED lifetime is further prolonged by eliminating the need for an AC transformer and a DC-to-DC LED driver. This single stage power conversion also brings potential savings in cost, space, and thermal output. More energy efficient than traditional light sources, the MR1605WH-V2AN typically offers a luminous efficacy of up to 70, even as it reduces power consumption. This further cuts waste heat, helping to keep indoor temperatures under control and bringing impressive savings on air conditioning and cooling.

The MR1605WH-V2AN brings precision illumination on demand with a non-dimmable 50° beam. Two color variants are available. The GL-MR1605WH-V2AN-CW provides bright daylight illumination at 5000K with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of over 70, while the GL-MR1605WH-V2AN-WW illuminates with a warm 3000K beam and a CRI better than 80.

The GP-HS05N AC-to-DC driver accepts a wide range of AC power sources, from 100 volts to 240 volts, and has IP67 ingress protection against dust and water, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of environments, including harsh conditions.

The MR1605WH-V2AN and the HS05N-12C1 driver are carefully designed to work together to bring you outstanding performance. Use of the MR1605WH-V2AN with other drivers or power sources may impair product performance and lifetime, and void the warranty.

GlacialLight has made these products fully RoHS compliant to protect customers and the
environment. They do not contain mercury or other hazardous chemicals. Unlike competing
lighting products, the MR1605WH-V2AN does not emit harmful UV or IR radiation, making it far more eco-friendly than traditional lighting fixtures and other lighting technologies. Even the packaging can be recycled.

GlacialLight's Mizar Series is the low cost, well-designed choice for a wide range of interior lighting applications. The company backs up the MR1605WH-V2AN with a full two year warranty.

GlacialLight is very excited to be bringing these new lamps and drivers to its existing and new partners all around the world.

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Features of MR1605WHV2AN lamp and GPHS05N driver
  • High brightness
  • Uses NICHIA LEDs
  • Single stage power conversion brings high efficiency and reliability
  • Luminous Efficacy of up to 70
  • Energy saving and environment friendly
  • Cool light minimizes rise in ambient temperature
  • Extremely long operating life, 30,000 hours
  • No Mercury, No UV or IR light radiation, RoHS compliant
  • Robust and durable, for indoor use
  • Driver complies with IEC 61347 safety standard.
  • Fast switch response
  • Compatible with standard replacement lamps
  • GU 5.3 base for extra retention in lampholder
  • 2 year warranty

    Specifications of MR1605WHV2AN: AC-Non-Dimmable
    Type             GL-MR1605WH-V2AN-WW       GL-MR1605WH-V2AN-CW
    Energy Used 5W
    Rated Life 30,000 Hours
    Input Voltage 100 - 240V AC
    CCT 3000K 5000K
    Luminous Flux (lm) 250 350
    Beam Max CP (cd) 273 357
    Luminous Efficacy 50 70
    CRI > 80 for warm white; >70 for cool white
    Base GU5.3
    Dimension 49.7x45.5mm
    Beam Angle Spot - 50°

    Advantages of bundling MR16 LED lamps with the GlacialPower AC-to-DC LED driver

    1. The AC-to-DC LED driver can accommodate a universal AC input voltage range of 90~264Vac.

    2. One-stage power conversion enhances the product's already high efficiency and reliability.

    3. Compatibility issues are avoided and the LED lifetime prolonged by eliminating the need for an AC transformer and DC-to-DC LED driver in the lighting system.

    4. Accredited with IP67 ingress protection against dust and water, the HS05N series can put up with harsh environments.

    5. The AC-to-DC LED driver also complies with the IEC 61347 safety standard.

    Excellent LED lighting products you can trust

    Design of LED lighting products is based on three core technologies including electrical design (LED drivers), mechanical design (cooling devices), and optical design (lamp holders), respectively performed by GlacialPower, GlacialTech, and GlacialLight in the GlacialTech family. With the three core technologies in hand, GlacialTech has integrated all the resources required for exceptional designs and manufactures excellent LED lighting products which you can trust.

    Advantages and benefits of LED lighting compared to traditional lighting
  • Directional lighting: ideal for flashlights/torches and spotlights
  • No warm-up time in cold environments: LEDs don't require warm-up time like conventional CFLs
  • No harmful radiation and no hazardous metals: LEDs don't emit harmful radiation such as Ultraviolet or Infrared emitting halogen lamps and don't contain hazardous metals such as mercury contained in mercury lamps
  • Very long product lifetimes free users from frequent bulb replacement
  • Very small carbon footprint: technology is friendly to the environment

    About GlacialLight
    GlacialTech Inc., is a diversified provider of cooling, power supply, and PC enclosure solutions for consumer and industrial applications. Having established strong relationships with LED semiconductor Co.'s, thermal, SMPS and mechanism technology leaders worldwide, GlacialTech leverages world-class engineering, efficient manufacturing and highest-quality materials to provide high brightness, low power LED lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor and other customized applications under the GlacialLight brand. Please visit the company homepage at www.GlacialLight.com.

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