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LED Gas Canopy Fixture delivers 103-108 lm/W.

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Jan 03, 2014 - Offering direct replacement for 400 W MH or 320 W HPS lamps, Model QCF is designed with remote driver, which enables it to be flush-mounted in many gas canopies without modification to canopy itself. High-pressure, washdown-rated unit delivers even, low-glare lighting. In addition to petroleum canopies at gas stations and truck stops, multi-purpose fixture is suitable for other outdoor lighting applications, such as retail and campus walkways.

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Original Press Release

Introducing the QCF LED Gas Canopy Fixture

Press release date: Dec 19, 2013

Gas canopies are a big opportunity for energy savings. Often lit 24 hours a day with 400- watt metal halide or 320-watt high pressure sodium lamps, traditional gas canopies can consume significant amounts of electricity.

The challenge is that often, the existing lamps are recessed in the canopy, and modifying the canopy to accept a new fixture can be both difficult and expensive.

That’s exactly why we developed the QCF, a low-profile LED fixture that’s a direct replacement for 400W MH or 320W HPS lamps. The energy-efficient fixture is designed with a remote driver, which makes it easy to install, flush-mounted in many gas canopies without any modification to the canopy itself.

The high-pressure, washdown-rated QCF delivers between 103 and 108 lumens per watt. A 141W QCF will provide a 69% energy savings over a typical 458W MH, and a 62% energy savings over a 368W HPS fixture. Using a 141W QCF to retrofit a single canopy with 24 existing 458W MH fixtures can save over $6,800 per year in energy costs.

With fuel canopy lighting, sometimes the quality of the light can be even more valuable to station owners than efficiency. The QCF delivers even lighting that will attract drivers going past on the highway. Thanks to the fixture’s low-glare design, those same drivers will experience pleasant, attractive lighting when they’re at the fuel pump as well.

Designed primarily for petroleum canopies at gas stations and truck stops, the QCF is a multi-purpose fixture that’s also a good choice for other outdoor canopy lighting applications, like retail and campus walkways.

The QCF is available in a range of configurations in both flush-mount and surface-mount boxes and in a variety of optics. To learn more, download the QCF cut sheet or contact a [P2 energy-efficient lighting professional near you.