LED Emitters provide controlled dimming and strobe functions.

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Offering choice of white light, IR light, or various colors, Models LED-24SD-C and LEDLB-16ESD feature separate control wire that enables operators to feed variable voltage or pulse trains to make light strobe at specific Hertz levels or control rate of dimming. Control wire input can be used for pulsing with pulsing frequency range of DC to 1 kHz with duty cycle of 0-98% at 1 kHz. Operating from 9-48 Vdc supply, emitters feature control voltage of 1.8-40 V peak to peak.

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Larson Electronics Announces New Precision Controlled Strobing and Dimmable LED lights

Larson Electronics released a new Magnalight high powered LED emitter that is designed for controlled dimming and strobe functions. Magnalight.com now offers new LED lights like the LED-24SD-C and the LEDLB-16ESD, which feature a separate control wire. Operators can use this separate control wire to feed variable voltage or pulse trains to make the light strobe at specific Hertz levels or control the rate of dimming.

Larson Electronics announced the addition of a new line of LED light emitters for strobe and dim] functions. New strobe capable LED lights like the LED-24SD-C offer a choice of white light, infrared light or various colors, including red, green, blue and amber. Operators can use the integrated control wire to provide a pulse train or variable voltage power supply output to control strobing or dimming of the light. Input voltage ranges from 9 to 48 volts DC. Control voltage ranges from 1.8V to 40V peak to peak. The control wire input can be used for pulsing with a pulsing frequency range of DC to 1KHz with a duty cycle range of 0 to 98% at 1KHz. The lamp is disabled with voltage on the control input. For example, if you applied a 90% PWM signal to the control wire, the lamp would be on for 10% of the time.

"While all of our LED light emitters can be dimmed with pulse width modulation, this new board in our LED lights gives operators and OEM equipment engineers the ability to very precisely control the rate of strobing or dimming with a PWM or variable voltage power supply," said Rob with Larson Electronics' magnalight.com. "Typically board mounted drivers will 'slow down' the incoming frequency. For example, if you want to strobe the light at 6Hz you will need to provide more than 6Hz to achieve this. The drivers are designed to optimize the use of the LEDs and protect the LEDs to guarantee longevity and consistent performance. By providing a separate control wire, we can leave those protective mechanisms in place and still provide operators the ability to provide 6Hz to the LED light and get 6Hz strobe function out of the light. This design also offers very finite control over dimming down to 2% of maximum output, while our standard LED lights are dimmable to 11%".

Larson Electronics produces a wide range of high powered LED lights for heavy duty industrial, military, mining, petrochemical and manufacturing applications. Magnalight.com offers vehicle mount LED lights, offshore LED lighting, www.magnalight.com/c-190-explosion-proof-led-lights.aspx [explosion proof LED lighting] and specialty LED lights for high speed photographic and video operations. You can learn more at magnalight.com or 1-800-369-6671 (1-214-616-6180 international).

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