LED Driver ICs operate at up to 98% efficiency.

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Featuring dimming over 1,200:1 range, Models ZLED7020 and ZLED7030 can drive LEDs with up to 1.2 A of current from power supply up to 40 V. Model ZLED7030 offers 2/3-step dimming switch with 3 configurable options, eliminating need for external dimmer control. Both units include 40 V on-chip switching transistor and offer high-side current sensing. To protect high-current and high-brightness LEDs, ICs provide thermal shutdown, open-circuit, and short-circuit protection.

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ZMDI LED Driver ICs Boost Lumen-per-watt Efficiency While Keeping Bill of Material Low

ZLED7020 and ZLED7030 achieve superior efficiency in high-brightness LED lighting applications

DRESDEN, GERMANY, - ZMD AG, a global supplier of energy-efficient analog and mixed-signal solutions for automotive, industrial, and medical applications, today announced two high-performance devices to complement its family of LED driver integrated circuits. The ZLED7020 and the ZLED7030 LED driver ICs operate at up to 98% efficiency, thus helping to achieve the highest possible lumen-per-watt output in high brightness LED applications.

ZMDI's ZLED7020 and ZLED7030 feature dimming over a 1200:1 range and can drive LEDs with up to 1.2 amps of current from a power supply as high as 40 Volts. The ZLED7030, specifically, offers a 2/3-step dimming switch with three configurable options eliminating the need for an external dimmer control.

"While LEDs are very efficient converters of electricity into light, they require highly efficient driver ICs to maximize this advantage," stated Dr. Hendrik Ahlendorf, product manager at ZMDI. "These two new devices, ZLED7020 and ZLED7030, do just that: They provide ideal solutions for many cost-sensitive applications, including signage, street and traffic lights, spotlights, appliance lighting and all types of general home and office illumination."

The ZLED7020 and the ZLED7030 LED driver include the 40-volt switching transistor on-chip and offer high-side current sensing. Requiring only a current-sense resistor, a diode, an inductor and a capacitor for a complete driver both devices help to minimize the Bill of Material (BOM). Built-in safeguards protect high-current and high-brightness LEDs with thermal shutdown, open-circuit and short-circuit protection.

Due to their output current capabilities, the ZLED7020 and ZLED7030 support the new high brightness and high current LEDs from major LED manufacturers without adding an additional MOSFET to the application circuit.

The operating temperature range of the ZLED7020 and the ZLED7030 is from -40°C to 105°C. For both devices, complete evaluation kits are available. The ZLED7020 comes in a SOT89-5 package and the ZLED7030 comes in a SOP-8 package. For 5,000 pieces, the ZLED7020 is priced at 0,57 Euros and the ZLED7030 at 0,90 Euros. Both devices are available for sale.

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