LED Bulbs for Signs replace incandescents to conserve energy.

Press Release Summary:

Flash tested to 1,000,000 times, LED SignLight™ bulbs provide retrofit for incandescent lamps with medium or intermediate screw-bases in illuminated sign installations. There are 3 models — 1 W S11, 1 W S14 and 2.5 W A19 — comprising 14 individual LED lamps that are UL wet-location rated for outdoor as well as indoor applications. All Instant-On™, Instant-Bright™, RoHS-compliant bulbs are mercury- and lead-free and feature 25,000–50,000 hr operating life.

Original Press Release:

New LED Signlight(TM) Bulbs from Litetronics® Save 90%+ Energy, Compared to Incandescents

• Rated for up to 50,000 hours

• Flash tested to 1,000,000 times

New Product Introduction:  LED SignLight™ bulbs from Litetronics® now offer perfect energy-saving, high-performance retrofit opportunities for ordinary incandescent lamps with medium or intermediate screw-bases in scores of illuminated sign installations.  Three models, in a range of fourteen individual LED lamps, are each genuine UL wet-location rated for outdoor as well as indoor sign-lighting applications.  Now there is no need to tolerate higher energy-consuming, shorter-life incandescent sign-lighting bulbs.

Design:  Litetronics® In-House Design and Engineering Team.

Manufacturer:  Litetronics® International, a U.S. company supplying state-of-the-art lamps to commercial markets for more than 40 years.

Product Applications:  LED SignLight™ bulbs from Litetronics® fit new or retrofit interior and exterior signs including 24/7, light-sequencing and light-flashing signage; lighting for performance showrooms, stages, theater interiors and theater or casino marquees; interior, exterior destination and directional illuminated signage of all kinds.

Product Description:  Litetronics® LED SignLight™ bulbs replicate long-familiar incandescent screw-base bulbs still in wide use today; in appearance, available styles and ease of installation indoors or out.  Shapes match standard S11, S14 and A19 incandescent bulbs, but slash energy consumption and cut replacement costs and maintenance by lasting 25 to 50 times longer, depending on model.  Available models include 1w S11, 1w S14 and 2.5w A19.

Because these are genuine Litetronics® LED SignLight™ bulbs, they are all Instant-On™, Instant-Bright™; U. S. government RoHs Compliant (Restrictive of Hazardous substances); mercury- and lead-free.  Each model has a 25,000 to 50,000-hour operating life, and a three-year factory warranty.

Contact Information:  Learn more about new, innovative LED SignLight™ bulbs and many other Litetronics® advanced-design energy-saving light sources and customer capabilities, by visiting us on line at: www.Litetronics.com.  Litetronics® is located at 4101 West 123rd Street, Alsip, Illinois 60803. 

Telephone: (708) 389-8000. 

Fax: (708) 371-0627. 

Email: CS@Litetronics.com.

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