LED and LED Driver ICs simplify designs within displays.

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Surface-mount QTLP6XX series low VF LEDs offer low voltage operation and narrow forward voltage range without requiring auxiliary circuitry. FAN56XX LED driver ICs accommodate architectures from serial and parallel to matrix configurations and use active matching techniques. Offered with built-in digital, analog, and PWM control, products allow LED current to be programmed with 1 external resistor and provide current matching for narrow band spectrum LEDs.

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Fairchild Semiconductor's Unique LED and LED Driver IC Combinations Simplify Designs, Minimize Costs and Extend Battery Life in Cell Phone, PDA and Pager Displays

San Jose, CA-January 30th, 2003-Fairchild Semiconductor International (NYSE: FCS) is addressing emerging display application trends by offering combinations of low VF LEDs and low dropout LED driver ICs for the most complete choice of backlighting options available in the industry. Fairchild's growing family of tightly matched, binned LEDs, in conjunction with complementary LED driver ICs, give designers a full range of matching and brightness control in cellular phones, PDAs, pagers and other ultra-portable applications. Unlike the competition, Fairchild's low-voltage LEDs run directly from the battery (no boost required), ultimately reducing part-count and cost. The control, efficiency and price benefits associated with this unique LED/LED driver IC solution leads to backlighting innovations in even the smallest, most power-conscious hand-held and portable designs.

The selection of LEDs is a key decision for achieving the optimal price-performance point in the design of display sub-systems. With expertise in both LEDs and LED driver ICs, Fairchild offers designers the freedom to match an array of LED products in a variety of popular backlighting colors, including white, pink, blue and amber, to their driver ICs. This combination of parts assures precise brightness matching and enables the use of a range of LEDs from matched, binned LEDs to unmatched LEDs.

"By offering both LEDs and LED driver ICs, Fairchild is able to provide the most choices for attaining the even brightness and color matching that designers need for their backlighting applications, " said Madhu Rayabhari, Fairchild's Strategic Marketing Director for the Analog, Mixed Signal Division.

Among its growing LED family of products is Fairchild's QTLP6XX series of low VF, surface mount LEDs, which feature low voltage operation for low power consumption and a narrow forward voltage range for enhanced color and brightness consistency. These LEDs have advantages over conventional cold-cathode fluorescent lamps and electroluminescent lamps for illumination in compact devices. In addition to being small and reliable. Fairchild's LEDs use DC voltage to simplify designs by not requiring auxiliary circuitry.

Working in tandem with its LED products is Fairchild's newest family of FAN56XX LED driver ICs, offering a variety of drive options (driving two to four LEDs) with enable features. With their built-in actively-matched current sources (within plus/minus 3%), these directly driven LED driver ICs eliminate the need for external current matching resistors to reach up to 97.5% efficiency. These products accommodate a full range of architectures from serial and parallel to matrix configurations.

Unlike traditional LED driver ICs, Fairchild's driver ICs use active matching techniques for close tracking and constant brightness. Built-in digital, analog and PWM control facilitates brightness adjustment and helps minimize current draw to increase battery life. The driver ICs also allow the LEDs' current to be programmed with a single external resistor and provide the highest current matching for narrow band spectrum LEDs. Because they use either minimal or no external components and come in small (SC-70 and 2X2 MLP) packaging, these products fulfill even the smallest PCB area requirements.

To find out how easy it is to use Fairchild's LED and LED driver IC solutions please go to http://fairchildsemi.com/whats_new/LED_nph.html.

Fairchild's portfolio of DC/DC conversion products, audio amplifiers and switches, supervisory products and TinyLogic(TM) further support the optimization of system power in ultra-portable applications.

For more information about these and other Fairchild products, contact Fairchild Semiconductor's Customer Support Center at (888) 522-5372, fax (972) 910-8036, or visit Fairchild's website at www.fairchildsemi.com.

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