Leaner, Meaner, Greener, that's the AddisonMckee Philosophy

Global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of the world's finest tube bending and end forming technologies, AddisonMckee of Lebanon, Ohio, Brantford, Ontario and Bamber Bridge, UK, continues to lead the market in introducing innovative new technology to make its machines leaner, meaner, greener and more efficient than ever before.


The company's innovative new 'Hydra Green' technology is a case in point, allowing its latest end forming equipment to take advantage of hydraulic power without the constant noise, heat and energy usage associated with traditional hydraulic power units.

Whereas traditional hydraulic systems for endforming machines use an AC motor continuously driving a hydraulic pump even when the machine is not in use and no oil pressure and/or flow is required, AddisonMckee's new technology is designed so that the pump is in operation only when there is a demand for pressure/flow.

In the final analysis, the 'Hydra Green' solution, at the heart of the new HG70 range of end formers, will deliver a number of key benefits over a traditional hydraulic circuit in terms of using 50% less electricity due to the significantly reduced duty cycle of the hydraulic pump, minimizing heat emissions and drastically reducing noise emissions by as much as 50%. The system also achieves a major reduction in the amount of hydraulic maintenance required. While the smaller hydraulic reservoir uses a remarkable 65% less oil.

The technology's functionality will also allow for enhanced machine motion control by using the variable speed of the servo pump to control oil flow rate and machine speed.

And, most importantly, with the system naturally sitting in a low energy state when the machine is idle and the pump not generating pressure or flow, operator safety is also significantly enhanced.


It's fair to say that AddisonMckee's programme of technological innovation has two main drivers: cutting unnecessary emissions by its machines and cutting costs for its customers.

The new eb80 ESRB machine, for example, represents a significant alternative to the existing world renowned DB 75 machine but with significant cost advantages achieved through removing the ball screw providing the boost and allowing the gearbox and motor instead to provide the force required for boosting, enabling freeform bending for the full length of the bed!

Not only that but, given the cost of floorspace at any facility, the new machine's modular design also has significant benefits if bed length flexibility is important. The standard machine itself is two metres long but offers the capability to increase in length by bolting two sections together to extend the bed when required, converting the machine easily and cheaply to a three/four metre model.


AddisonMckee's exciting new innovations and green technologies are poised to take centre stage at Fabtech Chicago from November 14th - 17th this year. The AddisonMckee stand, No. 337 in the South Hall, will feature both the new 'Hydra Green' technology and the eb80 ESRB machine together with the company's world renowned DB150 EB bending machines. AddisonMckee's TT, RF and I/O machines, based around their own innovative green technology, will also be launched at the show, while there will also be an extensive machine tooling area on the stand.


AddisonMckee is acknowledged world leader in the manufacture of tube end forming and cutting machinery for a wide variety of applications. From simple expansion and reduction process tube end forming machine models to tube sizing equipment, blade parting machines and highly versatile multi-hit ram formers, all machines are robust and easy to operate, with reliability rigorously tried and tested over many years in some of the most demanding production environments on the planet.


The fortunes of AddisonMckee have certainly taken a turn for the better in recent months as the market climbs out of recession and the company's launch of exciting and innovative new technologies along with its landmark presence at Fabtech are certain to provide further evidence of its increasing strength and confidence.

New ownership has galvanized the company by introducing a number of measures to ensure a smoother ride for all its customers, in, amongst others, the automotive, aviation, truck and shipbuilding industries.

And, significantly, while the company remains a truly global concern with its major facilities in Lebanon, Ohio in the US and Brantford, Ontario in Canada, and partners all over the world, in response to overwhelming demand from its European customers AddisonMckee has restored the manufacturing facility at its UK HQ at Bamber Bridge, Lancashire, a move which underscores the company's commitment to its European partners not least by significantly reducing costs.

For more information about AddisonMckee and its products and services, please contact:

Phillip Aspinall - General Manager - Europe

Tel: +44 (0) 1772 334511

Email: paspinall@addisonmckee.com

Website: www.addisonmckee.com

Jennifer Rankin - North America

Tel. +1 513.228.7000

Email: jrankin@addisonmckee.com

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