Leak/Seal Tester addresses pet food packages requirements.

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With respective standard and optional ranges of 0–87.0 psi and 0–232.1 psi and 0.1% FS test accuracy, i-Leaktek 6600 leverages positive pressure method and offers restrained and unrestrained inflation testing modes. Standard test methods include Burst, Creep, and Creep-to-Failure, and accessories are available for package testing both qualitatively and quantitatively. Along with embedded computer control system, features include 4 USB ports and dual Internet ports for data transmission.

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Seal Performance Test for Pet Food Packages -- i-Leaktek 6600 Leak and Seal Strength Tester

With the development of living standards and the change of life styles, there have been great changes in recreation, consumption and emotional commitments. Thus, pet industry is surging. As pets are getting more and more popular, the quality control requirements for pet food are much stricter than before. Besides pet food quality safety, the seal performance of pet food package has also drawn the attention of manufacturers. Hereafter, we will make a brief introduction on seal performance tests of pet food packages, with the help of leak tester and leak and seal strength tester.

Seal performance of pet food package refers to the sealing reliability of such package. Through testing, the sealing performance of the whole package can be confirmed. Seal performance testing is one of the important indexes evaluating packaging material safety. According to existing standards, there are two testing methods: positive pressure method and negative pressure method.

The process of negative pressure method is as follows: place the sample into vacuum chamber filled with water; then, vacuum the chamber, so as to form pressure difference inside and outside the sample. After vacuuming, observe gas leakage from the sample to determine the seal performance of it. On the other hand, observing the recovery of sample after expansion and vacuum release is also a means for seal performance evaluation. Labthink i-Leaktek 6100 Leak Tester applies vacuum method to ,according to national standards, keep 0.5 min. at -30kpa, -50kpa, -70kpa and -90kpa respectively. As to vacuum package, it’s necessary to observe the recovery of sample after testing.

Positive method is to purge gas into the sample, so that it would swell to burst. Measure the internal pressure of the sample when bursting. On the other hand, purging the sample with gas of certain pressure to calculate duration before bursting is also of positive method. Labthink i-Leaktek 6600 Leak and Seal Strength Tester can quantitatively evaluate leak and seal strength of pet food packaging.

When seal performance is qualified, there are other necessary indexes besides seal performance, so as to guarantee product quality within shelf life period. For more information, please visit: www.labthinkinternational.com

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