Leading Manufacturer and Fabricator Merrill Technologies Group (MTG) Selects IFS Applications(TM) for ERP

ITASCA, ILL. - IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that Merrill Technologies Group (MTG), leaders in the machining, fabricating and systems integration fields, has selected IFS Applications as its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. With multiple manufacturing sites located in Michigan and Indiana, MTG serves a wide range of industries including energy, robotics and aerospace and defense.

MTG was in the market for an agile, real-time, fully-integrated ERP solution that could be rapidly implemented to handle its expanding business and strategic growth initiatives.

"IFS Applications will enable us to move to a more proactive goal driven and metrics focused enterprise planning system," Merrill Technologies CFO Mike Beyer said. "IFS's solution ensures that we have the right tools in place to deliver world-class solutions to our customers."

"We selected IFS because the team proved to be the most knowledgeable about our business and IFS Applications demonstrated streamlined order-to-ship functionality which is critical in meeting the needs of our customers," Merrill Technologies Group CEO Bob Yackel said.

IFS Applications modules purchased by Merrill include: IFS Business Intelligence, IFS Financials, IFS Distribution, IFS Manufacturing, IFS Projects, IFS Engineering, IFS Supply Chain, IFS Sales & Service, IFS Maintenance, IFS Human Resources, IFS Sales & Marketing, IFS Shop Floor, and IFS Collaborative Solutions.

"As a mixed-mode manufacturer, Merrill Technologies needs an ERP solution that is agile and robust enough to run in its multiple manufacturing locations while improving overall visibility throughout its vertically integrated company," IFS Vice President of Sales Mike Lorbiecki said. "IFS Applications is the best functional fit for engineer-to-order, configure-to-order and make-to-order manufacturers looking for a reliable ERP solution and we look forward to working with them."

Industrial manufacturing is one of IFS' targeted markets. IFS has a broad customer base in the industry, focusing on medium-sized to large manufacturers that need support for complex order-driven and mixed-mode manufacturing across the extended enterprise. With strong support for project management, engineering, advanced scheduling, product configuration, and after-sales support, IFS' component-based business solutions are designed to help companies improve quality, contain costs, and improve their competitive position in manufacturing industry segments such as machinery, defense, fabricated metal products, and plastics. Industrial manufacturing companies also benefit from IFS' lifecycle management solution, which goes beyond product lifecycle management (PLM) to provide better integration and management of three critical business areas-products, customers, and resources-throughout their lifecycles.

IFS Industrial Manufacturing customers include Chief Industries, Colfax Corporation, Kongskilde, Nolato Group, Bombardier, GEA Pharma Systems, PartnerTech, Stolle Machinery, and Völkl.

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About Merrill Technologies Group (MTG)

The Merrill Technologies Group, headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan, are leaders in the machining, fabricating and systems integration fields, and serves customers in a wide range of industries. Its five companies include; Ranger, Merrill Engineering & Integration, Merrill Fabricators, Merrill Tool & Machine, and Merrill Aviation & Defense. Some areas of expertise are in robotics, machine building, energy, and aerospace & defense. For more information, visit www.merrilltg.com.

About IFS

IFS is a public company (OMX STO: IFS) founded in 1983 that develops, supplies, and implements IFS Applications(TM), a component-based extended ERP suite built on SOA technology. IFS focuses on industries where any of four core processes are strategic: service & asset management, manufacturing, supply chain and projects. The company has 2,000 customers and is present in more than 60 countries with 2,800 employees in total. For more information about IFS, please visit: www.ifsworld.com.

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