Leading High Availability Software Company, Neverfail, Announces Enhanced Server Reliability Product

AUSTIN, Texas, March 20 // - The Neverfail Group (Neverfail), a leading global software company providing both a high availability solution and disaster recovery software, today announced the enhancement of Neverfail SCOPE, a server check, optimization and performance evaluation tool designed to ensure the reliability and performance of an organizations' server environment. SCOPE is the only product on the market that proactively addresses server reliability at all times on Microsoft(R) Windows-based servers.

"High availability (HA) solutions should address the hardware, software and network connectivity that support customers' business-critical applications," said Jean S. Bozman, Research Vice President, IDC Enterprise Server group. "By ensuring that all of these components of a customer's computing environment are available on alternate server resources, via fast switch-over, Neverfail's HA solution supports disaster recovery and business continuity."

Neverfail SCOPE combines an automated data collection tool with a proprietary analysis engine. SCOPE continuously collects both hardware and software configurations, application and system logs, and system performance data. Users can then upload this information, either automatically or manually from the host server to the Neverfail extranet. SCOPE's analyzer then validates system and environment setup against best practices and provides the user with change recommendations. The analyzer also will evaluate server workload characteristics, and help pinpoint any hardware or bandwidth issues. SCOPE data is utilized by Neverfail to continually create new rules for SCOPE that enhances its ability to proactively catch server health issues.

Among SCOPE's new features are continuous health checks and system monitoring of the server pair both pre- and post-installation which allows users to proactively monitor and maintain a stable, working environment at all times. When SCOPE identifies a configuration issue, it can automatically notify the administrator, who can access SCOPE remotely from another machine on the network or across the Internet.

"Neverfail's ability to proactively monitor the reliability and performance of a customers' server environment in real-time remains a key product offering and differentiator for our organization," said Eric Burke, CEO of Information Architects, a reseller of high availability solutions and a Neverfail Partner. "The success of a high availability solution is dependent upon an organization's capacity to address possible conflicts before they happen. Neverfail SCOPE ensures customer implementations are successful and as their environment changes over time, long-term stability is addressed before downtime occurs."

"SCOPE's vast database of continually evolving information allows Neverfail to alert users not only to common problems and best practices, but also to far rarer issues and events," said John Posavatz, VP of Product Management. "For instance, we recently added an alert which advises our users who own a particular family of Network Interface Card (NIC) to upgrade their NIC drivers to a specific version or face the possibility of their server having a blue screen."

SCOPE is currently available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

About the Neverfail Group

The Neverfail Group is a leading global software company providing affordable data protection, "cluster-class" high application availability, and disaster recovery solutions for the Windows-based technology platform. Neverfail's software solutions enable users to remain continuously connected to the live software application irrespective of hardware, software, operating system, or network failures. Neverfail's mission of eliminating application downtime for the end user delivers the assurance of business continuity, removes the commercial and IT management costs associated with system downtime and enables the more productive use of IT resources. More information can be found at www.neverfailgroup.com/.

Neverfail is a trademark of Neverfail Group Limited. All other trademarks, including Microsoft, Windows, and Exchange, are trademarks of their respective companies.

Source: Neverfail Group Limited

Web site: www.neverfailgroup.com/

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