Leading CNC Milling Machine Manufacturer Advanced Control Technology (ACT) Announces Heavy Discounts for its Best Selling Products

The premier manufacturer of most portable, versatile, advanced and affordable computer numerical control (CNC) milling machine in the world, DMC-III,  Advanced Control Technology (ACT) of Granada Hills, Canada, has just announced heavy discounts on its best selling products, most notably DMC-III and its concomitant components for further promotion of its already acclaimed products as part of its marketing strategy. As part of this promotional marketing strategy, ACT is selling the much venerated DMC-III at $6995.00 as opposed to its original price of $9995.00. Not only that, some of the best selling components of DMC-III, such as NSK 50,000 rpm Spindle System, 4th Axis Turntable, Liquid Cooling System, M2 Brushless Motor, Metal Desk for DMC-III, T Slot Clamp for T Slot width 9/16", 5/8" and T Slot Clamp for T Slot width 3/8", 1/2" and Software Dolphin Partmaster Pro have also received a price cut.

Announcing the heavy discounts, company spokesperson said “ though we are aware that our CNC Milling Machine, the DMC-III is the best in class in the industry, due to its portability, versatility, advanced technology and affordability, we at Advanced Control Technology believe that our burgeoning customer base needs to be expanded further, so that potential customers, who admire and appreciate our more than four years of research in developing DMC-III and its components, but still shy away from purchasing them due to budgetary constraints are able to buy and use our products at a discounted price to empower themselves to power their business to the next level."

To  know more about  the revolutionary CNC Milling Machine, DMC-III with its components and heavy discounts offered by its manufacturer, Advanced Control Technology (ACT) on it, please visit the company website www.actmachines.com.

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