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LDR 7100 Coding and Marking Systems can generate up to 4,000 characters per sec.

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Jul 01, 2017 -

Available in 10.6μ, 10.3μ, or 9.3μ wavelengths with up to 200 W of total power, LDR 7100 Laser Coding and Marking Systems are equipped with sealed CO2 RF-excited laser tubes. Controllable with an app on tablets, smartphones or computers, system eliminates the use of galvo motor and sensitive moving parts. Unit delivers power output that can be adjusted on 1% increments.

Original Press Release

InkJet, Inc. Introduces the LDR 7100 All-Digital Laser Coding and Marking System Offering Greater Reliability, Speed, Serviceability and Value

Press release date: Jun 30, 2017

InkJet, Inc., based in greater Houston, TX, and internationally recognized for marking and coding for over 25 years has announced the introduction of a new generation of all-digital laser coding and marking systems, designed and manufactured in the US. The new laser, which offers Laser Digital Resolution coding at speeds no scribing laser can touch, is based on an innovative design that brings dramatic improvements in reliability and serviceability to the coding and marking world.

The InkJet, Inc. LDR 7100 eliminates fragile galvo motors and sensitive moving parts and is targeted at improving productivity and OEE in most coding and marking applications. More importantly, its effortless install, operation, ease of service and value will make laser technology easy and attainable for many production environments who had not been able to utilize the industry-changing technology until now.

The new laser is available with up to 200 watts of total power at a price-point that will compete favorably with most of the industry's much less powerful galvo-based scribing lasers. Using sealed CO2 RF-Excited laser tubes that can be replaced in as little as 30 seconds, the IP65 rated InkJet, Inc. LDR 7100 can generate up to 4,000 characters per second in a variety of print formats and character sizes. The unit is controllable with an app on tablets, smartphones or computers, making it among the most user-friendly systems in the industry. Available in 10.6μ, 10.3μ, or 9.3μ wavelengths and with power output that can be adjusted in 1% increments, the InkJet, Inc. LDR 7100 can be easily fine-tuned to accommodate a broader range of substrates than currently possible with most CO2 laser systems.

InkJet, Inc. has been an industry leader in Product Identification since 1989 and has a wide range of products and solutions available in 55 nations around the world, all focused on Industrial Coding and Marking.

For more information about the LDR 7100 Laser Coding System contact InkJet, Inc. at 800-280-3245 or visit


Kristen Lloyd

InkJet, Inc.