LCP-PPS Alloys are suited for use in complex components.

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Vectra® V140 and Vectra® V143XL are liquid crystal polymer-polyphenylene sulfide (LCP-PPS) alloy blends that meet needs of electrical, electronic, and industrial components such as connectors, bobbins, housings, switches, breakers, and sensors. Nearly eliminating flash to promote flow at lower injection pressures, products lend strength to thin walls and have mold temperatures of 80-120°C. They are compatible with lead-free solder and retain physical and mechanical properties of LCP and PPS.

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Ticona Offers LCP-PPS Alloys for Use in Complex Components

Florence, Ky., July 18, 2006 - Ticona, the engineering polymers business of Celanese Corporation, is offering two liquid crystal polymer-polyphenylene sulfide (LCP-PPS) alloy blends that combine the properties of both materials to meet the needs of complex electrical, electronic and industrial components. The new grades, Vectra® V140 and Vectra® V143XL, improve on PPS by nearly eliminating flash, providing better flow at relatively low injection pressures, and giving high strength in thin walls. They also have mold temperatures of 80° to 120°C, versus the 135°C typical of PPS. Compared to LCP, the new grades offer higher weld line strength and less warpage in many geometries. Uses for the new grades include connectors, bobbins, housings, switches, breakers, sensors and other high-tolerance, thin-walled parts. The grades are compatible with lead-free solder in surface-mount and other applications. In one case, a connector manufacturer adopted Vectra V140 alloy blend to meet demanding flatness specifications in products having exceedingly complex geometries and high pin counts. The new alloys retain the physical and mechanical properties of LCP and PPS. For instance, Vectra V140 has a tensile stress at break of 1450 MPa, a flexural strength of 230 MPa and a compressive modulus of 16,000 MPa. For more information For information on Vectra 140 and 143XL liquid crystal polymers, contact: Ticona, 8040 Dixie Highway Florence, KY 41042, USA. Phone: 1-800-833-4882. Email: In Europe: Ticona GmbH, Professor-Staudinger-Straße, D-65451 Kelsterbach, Germany. Phone: +49-(0)180-584-2662 (DE) or +49-(0)693-051-6299 (EU). Email: Or visit: About Ticona and Celanese Ticona Technical Polymers is one of the businesses of Celanese Corporation. Ticona produces and markets a broad range of engineering polymers and achieved sales of $887 million in 2005. Ticona has approximately 2,000 employees at production, compounding and research facilities in the USA, Germany and Brazil. Celanese Corporation (NYSE:CE) is an integrated global producer of value-added industrial chemicals based in Dallas, Texas. The Company has four major businesses: Chemicals Products, Technical Polymers Ticona, Acetate Products and Performance Products. Celanese has production plants in 13 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. In 2005, Celanese Corporation had net sales of $6.1 billion. For more information on Celanese Corporation, please visit the company's web site at For further information about Ticona and Celanese, please visit: and

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