LCI Corp Today Announces that The United States Patent and Trademark Office has Issued Patent 10,384,145

LCI Corp today announces that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent 10,384,145 for thin film evaporators, wiped film evaporators, and short path evaporators. Thin Film Evaporation is a specialized process that quickly separates more volatile from less volatile components using indirect heat transfer and mechanical agitation of a flowing product film under controlled conditions.

Inventors Jessica Astoria, John Fields, and James Horton have created an energy efficient solution for maintaining a consistent product temperature throughout the entire evaporation process.

The invention provides a number of benefits and solutions, including:

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Reduce cost of installation by reducing or eliminating preheater auxiliary equipment
  • Reduce cost of energy consumption
  • Reduced installation footprint
  • Reduces number of pressure vessels, pressure relief valves, stream traps, and external piping

LCI Corp has a prototype test unit at their Test Center located in Charlotte, North Carolina. LCI Corp provides testing, equipment, and process expertise for industry leading companies around the world.

LCI Corp, (formerly Luwa) is continuing to innovate and provide solutions worldwide since 1961.

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