LCD Keyswitch offers over 10,000 calibrated RGB colors.

Press Release Summary:

Offering 100 brightness settings per color channel, high resolution SB6432 keyswitch includes extended command set and 64 x 32 pixel display resolution. RGB-backlit switches allow control of LCD bias, refresh, and drive current, and backlighting and display can be turned off without loosing bitmap data. Switches self-initialize and self-generate clock signal when no data transfer is taking place.

Original Press Release:

SB6432 Switches Shine in 10,000 Colors

Grosswallstadt - [E³], the global leader in the LCD key technology, extends the industryleading SA series of RGB-backlit LCD switches with the introduction of the SB6432 keyswitch.

These high-resolution LCD keyswitch features over 10,000 calibrated RGB-colors as well
as an extended command set. With more than 100 brightness settings per color channel,
SB6432 switches offer the best color resolution as well as the highest display resolution of 64x32 pixels.

The extended command set allows for even more flexibility and control of the switches. In addition to the more than 10,000 calibrated RGB colors, users can now control LCD bias, refresh and drive current. It is also possible to turn the backlighting and/or display off without loosing the bitmap data.

The SB6432 switches incorporate all the industry-leading features found in the SA series of RGB-backlit LCD switches. [E³] switches utilize internal electronics to control backlighting, display and communications reducing the need for extensive external hardware. A simple 2-wire SPI controls the interface. The switches self-initialize and self-generate the clock signal when no data transfer is taking place. [E³] keys are the only LCD switches that use true RGB-colors, not just single red, green, and blue color LEDs. By controlling the backlighting through the proprietary Advanced Technology(TM) electronics, [E³] switches are calibrated to produce the same color in each switch for uniform color in large switch panels.

[E³] originated the LCD key technology in 1984 and continues as the world leader by
manufacturing the most advanced series of RGB-backlit LCD switches.

SB6432 switches are available from stock to 12 weeks directly from [E³] Engstler Elektronik Entwicklung GmbH in Germany or through the [E³] Partner network of distributors worldwide.

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