LCD Displays employ natural color matrix technology.

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Available in 8.4-15 in. sizes, SVGA and XGA industrial TFT LCD modules deliver true color fidelity for flat panel displays. Color transformation algorithm, implemented in hardware, provides real-time, on-the-fly processing on pixel-by-pixel basis to match colors specified in data source. It independently controls chromatic and achromatic characteristics of color construct, and supports 18- and 24-bit color as well as full motion video.

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New Optrex LCDs with Natural Color Matrix Technology Provide True Color Fidelity for Flat Panel Displays

Plymouth, MI, January 10, 2005 - Optrex America is offering a series of SVGA and XGA industrial TFT LCD modules in sizes from 8.4-inch to 15-inch diagonal with Natural Color Matrix (NCM) technology for truly accurate color representation, optimum color balance and superior image quality.

This patented technology, developed by Mitsubishi Electric and already proven in the field in electronic projectors, is now being incorporated into digital TFT LCDs by Optrex America, providing unprecedented color fidelity for flat panel displays. NCM utilizes a color transformation algorithm, implemented in hardware, that provides real-time, on-the-fly processing, on a pixel-by-pixel basis, to precisely match the colors specified in a data source.

"The international sRGB specification (IEC 61966-2-1) adopted in 1999 for color management in multimedia systems was fine when CRTs were the dominant display technology for monitors," said Dale H. Maunu, Director of Business Development & Procurement at Optrex America. "But FPDs have completely different color characteristics. Color imaging on FPDs has suffered from display differences and a 'one-size-fits-all' sRGB standard. NCM ensures that, if the information provided to the LCD conforms to the sRGB specification, then the image produced by the LCD will also be in conformance."

Conventional color management techniques handle hue, saturation and intensity (HSI) as a single entity, without separating the chromic (H) and achromatic (SI) aspects of the data. Without independent chromatic/achromatic control, lowering the brightness of one color on a transmissive LCD increases the relative brightness of the other two colors. NCM, however, provides independent control over the chromatic and achromatic characteristics of a color construct, applying a transformation operation that remains true to the original source.

NCM enables vivid reproduction of even the most subtle colors, such as pastels and flesh tones, and provides independent control of six colors without one color influencing any of the others. It supports 18-bit and 24-bit color and full motion video and compensates for any color shifts caused by LCD components such as CCFLs and optical films.

NCM does not require a significant amount of LCD driving voltage, large amounts of circuitry or memory-intensive resources. The NCM algorithm is implemented in a small portion of the LCD's timing controller (TCON) and requires only a small amount of ROM.

"Optrex TFT LCDs with Natural Color Matrix offer our customers a substantial performance enhancement without any significant increase in price from the standard non-NCM versions of these panels," according to Maunu.

Optrex TFT LCD modules with Natural Color Matrix technology are ideal for applications where accurate color reproduction is critical. These include point-of-sale displays in markets such as fast food and retail, gaming applications, test and measurement instrumentation, diagnostic and imaging equipment, and automotive interior displays.

Optrex TFT LCD modules equipped with Natural Color Matrix technology include an 8.4-inch XGA module (P/N T-51639D084J-FW-A-AB), a 10.4-inch SVGA module (P/N T-51944D104J-FW-A-AA), a 12.1-inch SVGA module (P/N T-51866D121J-FW-A-A) and three 15-inch XGA modules (P/N T-51863D150J-FW-A-AA, T-51863D150J-FW-A-AB and T-51863D150J-FW-A-AD).

Pricing for Optrex LCDs with Natural Color Matrix technology starts at $258.40 for the T-51866D121J-FW-A-AA 12.1-inch SVGA module in OEM quantities.

Further details on NCM are provided in the new technical paper, "Natural Color Matrix: Delivering Color Fidelity", available online at

For more information, contact John Cramer at Optrex America, Inc., 46723 Five Mile Road, Plymouth, MI 48170. Tel: 734-416-8500; Fax: 734-416-8520; E-mail:; Web:

Optrex is a world leader in the design and manufacture of OEM liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for an expanding line of products that includes displays for telecommunications and non-PC Internet devices; test, measurement and diagnostic instruments; handheld data management equipment; and automotive and avionics displays. Founded in 1976, Optrex has followed an aggressive policy of growth and expansion and now serves customers through an extensive in-field network of applications engineers and more than 100 sales and distribution offices throughout the world. The Optrex technology palette includes Active-MLA (multi-line addressing), TFT (thin film transistor), VHC (very high contrast), STN (super twisted nematic), HPC (high performance color) for car audio applications, TFCC (trim fine crystal color) for color mobile products, and OLED (organic light emitting diode).

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