LCD Color Monitor brightly displays in dirty environments.

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Rack-mounted MRAE 18 TFT NEMA 4/12 monitor, with scaled aluminum-alloy front panel and heavy-duty, stainless-steel chassis, provides 235 nits of brightness. Active-matrix SXGA display offers 64,000 colors. Built-in multiscan capability automatically adjusts to support different video resolutions, up to 1280 x 1024 pixels. Analog-input display eliminates need for LCD video adapter, has flat viewing area of 18.1 in. and optional resistive touchscreen.

Original Press Release:

18-Inch LCD Monitor Breaks $3000 Barrier

New, brighter rack-mount LCD industrial color monitors from CyberResearch, Inc., are now priced at only $2,995, down a whopping $2,000 from $4,995. In addition, the new 18-inch NEMA 4/12 monitors provide 235 nits (cd/m2) of brightness - 17% brighter than the prior model.

Prices of LCD displays have been drifting down for some time, but the 40% plunge in the price of the MRAE 18 TFT liquid-crystal monitor marks a price/performance breakthrough for industrial-grade monitors.

The scaled aluminum-alloy front panel and heavy-duty stainless-steel chassis make this display ideal for the dirtiest industrial environments. The MRAE 18 also offers an optional resistive touchscreen, which offers excellent protection from dust, grease, and scratches, along with high resolution and minimal parallax.

CyberResearch's active-matrix SXGA display offers 64,000 colors. Built-in multiscan capability automatically adjusts to support different video resolutions, up to a maximum of 1280 x 1024 pixels. The flat viewing area of the 18.1-inch TFT screen is equivalent to that of a curved 19-in CRT display.

The MRAE 18 display is designed for analog input, so it does not require a special LCD video adapter. It easily handles a variety of video sources, including VGA, SVGA, XGA, text mode, S-vide and standard (RCA) video.

The unit mounts in a standard EIA 19-inch rack, and requires 9 rack units (15.71 inches) of height. The MRAE 18 is especially valuable when rack depth is at a premium, because it requires only 2.95 inches behind the panel. The monitor weighs 22 pounds (10 kg).

Convenient front-panel controls switch power on and off, switch between display modes, call up the on-screen-display menu, and control cursor position. A front-panel LED indicator shows power status.

In addition to LCD displays, CyberResearch offers CRT displays and a broad range of industrial, scientific, and engineering PC systems and components, including data-acquisition, digital I/O, communications, and motion-control products. In all, CyberResearch offers more than 3,000 high-performance PC engineering products.

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