Lathe is available with ProtoTRAK SLX CNC control.

Press Release Summary:

Along with 4.09 in. spindle through-hole and geared head, TRAK TRL 2460SX features 2-speed tailstock, P5 tapered roller bearings, and digital servo motors. Lathe can be used manually with assists from CNC to perform tapers and radii, and complete part programs can be done directly from print by naming geometry required and then answering prompts. ProtoTRAK SLX CNC offers Spreadsheet Editing(TM), informative graphics and networking capabilities as well as optional DXF file converters.

Original Press Release:

New Large Lathe with ProtoTRAK CNC

The ProtoTRAK brand CNC is now available on a line of larger machines. The new TRAK TRL 2460SX lathe is a premium machine for small lot work. It features a generous 4.09" spindle through-hole and a geared head for maximizing performance at high and low speeds. Other machine features include a two-speed tailstock, P5 tapered roller bearings and digital servo motors. The ProtoTRAK SLX CNC is the ultimate control for toolroom and small lot work. The advanced user interface of the CNC differentiates it from production-oriented CNCs. The lathe may be used manually with assists from the CNC to easily do tapers and radii. Complete part programs are easy to do directly from the print by simply naming the geometry required and then answering prompts. Once the program is finished, the revolutionary TRAKing(TM) feature allows the operator to run the part program by controlling the CNC feed through one of the handwheels. The unique and advanced features of the ProtoTRAK SLX include Spreadsheet Editing(TM), informative graphics, Networking capability, and optional DXF file converters. Tool setting is easy for basic single tool operation. The generous capacity also allows for gang tooling set ups and an optional indexer. From one-off to light production, this lathe has the capacity and capability to be efficient for a large range of jobs.

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