Lathe facilitates transition from manual machines to CNC.

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Model TL-1 Toolroom Lathe operates in manual, semi-automatic, automatic, and full CNC mode. Utilizing 7.5 hp vector drive spindle that spins to 1,800 rpm, it provides max cutting diameter of 16 in. and max cutting length of 30 in. Brushless servo motors on all axes provide positioning, while 1-piece cast-iron base provides rigidity and damps vibration. Intuitive Turning System uses interactive graphical environment to guide operator through machining part.

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The Haas Toolroom Lathe: Powerful, Flexible Simplicity

To survive in today's competitive market, it is increasingly necessary for toolrooms and small machine shops to make the move to CNC. The TL-1 Toolroom Lathe from Haas Automation, Inc., eases the transition from manual machines to CNC - without breaking the bank.

The Haas TL-1 Toolroom Lathe combines the full functionality and simplicity of a manual lathe with the power and flexibility of the easy-to-use Haas CNC system - all in an American-made machine that is base-priced less than $20,000 (US).

The Haas Toolroom Lathe provides a maximum cutting diameter of 16" and a maximum cutting length of 30". The maximum part swing is 16" over the front apron and 8.5" over the cross slide. The TL-1 features a powerful 7.5-hp (peak) vector drive spindle that spins to 1,800 rpm, and it comes standard with an A2-5 spindle nose that accepts a number of optional chucks. For additional part support, an optional manual tailstock is available that provides 30" of travel. Brushless servo motors on all axes provide precise positioning, and a one-piece cast-iron base damps vibration and provides rigidity for heavy cuts. The TL-1 runs on either single- or three-phase power.

The TL-1 features Haas' new Intuitive Turning System - a proprietary conversational operating system that makes cutting parts and creating part programs nearly effortless. Through an interactive graphical environment - using full-color graphics on a liquid crystal display (LCD) - the control guides the operator through the steps necessary to machine a part. The operator touches off the X and Z surfaces, and then enters basic machining information - feedrate, spindle speed, depth of cut, etc. - as prompted. Once all information is entered, the machinist simply pushes Cycle Start and the machine performs the desired operation. A Recorder function allows multiple operations to be saved, so that the information can be retrieved and the part duplicated.

Operations that would be difficult or even impossible on a manual machine, such as compound angles, radii, tapers, profiles, ID and OD threading and rigid tapping, are all possible on the TL-1 - without knowledge of G-code programming.

For extreme versatility, the TL-1 operates in four modes. In manual mode, X and Z axes are moved via manual handwheels (or the electronic jog handle), with the Haas control providing precise digital read-out (DRO) of position; electronic soft stops may be set to limit the travels of the lathe. In semi-automatic mode, the TL-1 performs dual-axis simultaneous linear interpolation, such as chamfers and tapers, using a single handwheel, again with accurate, easy-to-read DRO. In automatic mode, the TL-1 has built-in machining cycles for rough and finish profiling, radiuses, chamfering, grooving, threading, drilling and tapping. In full CNC, the TL-1 is programmed using standard G code, and all axes are controlled by the Haas control.

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