Latest TruVue Verification Station Counterfeit Detection Solution Verifies Cash and ID Cards for Improving Efficiency at the Checkout Counter

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MMF’s TruVue™ Verification Station is a multi-purpose counterfeit detection solution that verifies payments and identifications thereby reducing losses from receiving counterfeit currency or accepting fake identifications. The TruVue™ uses various counterfeit detection methods such as magnetic (MG), infrared (IR) and ultraviolet technologies which integrates seamlessly at most Point-of-Sale checkouts. Due to its integrated space-saving design, the need for stand-alone counterfeit devices occupying extra counter space is eliminated.

Original Press Release:

MMF Introduces Another Award Nominated Innovation - TruVue™ Verification Station

Wheeling, IL. (PrWeb) June 28, 2018

For the third consecutive year, MMF has been shortlisted for the 2018 North American Office Products Awards (NAOPA). These awards set the industry benchmark and highlight the best products and leading manufacturers in the industry. This year, MMF has been nominated in three categories for the company’s newest development, the TruVue™ Verification Station.

The TruVue™ Verification Station is a patent-pending, multi-purpose counterfeit detection solution that verifies payments and identifications. Its integrated space-saving design has a variety of reliable and quick counterfeit detection features that seamlessly integrate with most Point-of-Sale checkouts.

The TruVue™ Verification Station uses the latest counterfeit detection methods including Magnetic (MG), Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) technologies to ensure fast and consistent verification of cash, and a variety of identification types. TruVue™ helps to minimize loss and eliminate liability from receiving counterfeit currency and accepting fake identifications. This innovative solution will improve efficiency at the checkout counter by streamlining the validation process and maximizing space by eliminating the need for stand-alone counterfeit devices that require extra counter space.

“Counterfeiting hurts all businesses, negatively impacting operations and profits,” said Kevin Schroer, MMF’s Director of New Product Development and Marketing. “Businesses that unknowingly accept a counterfeit bill incur a direct loss. Counterfeit detection pens are not enough; they only detect legitimate paper, but criminals are washing small denomination bills in bleach and using the paper to print larger denomination bills.”

“There is also a rise in fake IDs used by minors trying to purchase controlled products; businesses that do not properly validate identifications may be subjected to liability and hefty fines associated with accepting fake identification cards” Schroer added.

The TruVue™ Verification Station was nominated for the following awards: 

  • Innovation of the Year 2018 – given to innovative products that deserve recognition in functionality, design, and originality.
  • Business Product of the Year – given for excellent product development and value to customers. Judges select innovative products that excel in design and functionality for resellers and consumers.
  • People’s Choice – given to the product that receives the highest number of popular votes.

Cast your vote for TruVue™ Verification Station by clicking HERE or texting 165939 to (650) 600-9016

The TruVue™ Verification Station will be available October 1st, 2018. To pre-order now or to watch the product video visit

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