Latest TechniClean IK73 Residue Cleaner Designed for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing

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The TechniClean IK73 Residue Cleaner is used for removing highly-inert chemical residues that are created during patterning of high-k dielectric metal oxides such as hafnium, zirconium and tantalum oxides. This removal process is suitable in immersion, batch-spray and single-wafer chemical applications.

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Technic Releases TechniClean IK73

Highly-Selective and Versatile Post-Etch Residue Cleaner

Cranston, RI, USA - Technic has announced the release of TechniClean IK73, a post-etch residue cleaner with exceptional removal performance and selectivity to critical materials.

TechniClean IK73 is specially formulated to target the selective removal of highly-inert chemical residues created during the patterning of high-k dielectric metal oxides including hafnium, zirconium and tantalum oxides. TechniClean IK73 functions well at room temperature and is easily rinsed. The process is suitable in immersion, batch-spray, and single-wafer chemical applications.

TechniClean IK73 has been qualified and is in full-scale production at leading-edge semiconductor manufacturers around the globe. The ability to remove some of the toughest post-etch residues has made TechniClean IK73 an essential product for advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes.

To learn more about TechniClean IK73 and our full line of advanced semiconductor processing chemistry, visit us online at

Technic is a global supplier of advanced chemical solutions and controls for the semiconductor industry. The company manufactures a complete line of cleaners, photoresist strippers and metal etchants under the names TechniClean, TechniStrip® , and TechniEtch. Technic also manufactures fabrication and packaging chemistry marketed under the Elevate® brand name.

About Technic

Technic Inc. is a Rhode Island based corporation with over 950 employees worldwide. For over 75 years, Technic has been a global supplier of specialty chemicals, custom finishing equipment, engineered powders, and analytical control systems to the semiconductor, electronic component, printed circuit board, industrial finishing, and decorative industries. Technic is also a major supplier of engineered metal powders to the solar industry.


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