Latest Seek Shot and ShotPRO Thermal Cameras are Embedded with SeekFusion Technology

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The Seek Shot™ and ShotPRO™ Thermal Cameras enable professionals to identify leaks, electrical shorts, mechanical faults and energy loss. The units are designed for commercial trade professionals and are embedded with on-device analysis tools. The shot and ShotPRO cameras feature 206 x 156 and 320 x 240 thermal sensor respectively and comes 3.5 in. color touch screen with 640 x 480 resolution. The devices can be operated in -40˚ to 626˚F temperature range.

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Seek Thermal Debuts New Handheld Thermal Imagers for Commercial Trade Professionals

Discover, diagnose and share images of leaks, electrical shorts, and other inefficiencies in homes, buildings and facilities quickly and safely starting at $499

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Nov. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Seek Thermaltoday announces its Seek Shot™ and Seek ShotPRO™ - two powerful handheld thermal cameras built for commercial trade professionals. A previously cost-prohibitive technology, thermal imaging is becoming widely adopted by home and building professionals. Seek has pioneered the next generation of thermal imaging devices sized and priced for every toolbox.

Thermal imaging cameras detect heat, otherwise invisible to the human eye, which can be indicative of serious and costly problems and inefficiencies around a home or building. The technology allows professionals to identify leaks, electrical shorts, mechanical faults and energy loss as a way to assess the health of a structure in a non-destructive manner.

"Building professionals such as HVAC techs, home inspectors, insulators, electricians and general contractors need to easily and efficiently conduct diagnostic work and inspections quickly and safely," says Tim LeBeau of Seek Thermal. "Seek's new line of thermal imaging cameras will become one of the most important tools in the toolbox by allowing users to quickly identify leaks, shorts, mechanical faults, radiant floor issues and other inefficiencies that cause lost energy, money and resources."

New SeekFusion™ technology combines the diagnostic power of thermal imaging with the context and detail of a visible image. This allows the user to adjust the blend between thermal and visible images and quickly uncover hidden problems. SeekFusion empowers the user to create the perfect photo that tells the whole story.

After capturing photos with Seek Shot, on-device analysis features and reporting templates help complete jobs faster by utilizing professional thermography tools. Users can add spot measurements, temperature boxes, adjust the SeekFusion blend and change color palettes right from the camera. Now post processing of data can be done on the jobsite rather than back at the office, saving valuable time.

Seek Shot's all-new design brings a large interactive 3.5" color touchscreen to the palm of a professional's hands and also allows them to stream video over WiFi to a smartphone or tablet for collaboration and remote viewing. Seek Shot is light and compact enough to fit within a person's pocket and designed to withstand the wear and tear of working in the field.

Key features include: 

                               Seek Shot                                                                          Seek ShotPRO

           206 x 156 Thermal Sensor                                                              320 x 240 Thermal Sensor 

  • On-Device Analysis Tools                                                                On-Device Analysis Tools
  • SeekFusion™ Adjustable Thermal + Visible blending           SeekFusion™ Adjustable Thermal + Visible blending
  • Live streaming over WiFi                                                                 Live streaming over WiFi
  • Capture Photos and Video                                                             Capture Photos and Video
  • -40˚ to 626˚F Temperature Measurement                                  -40˚ to 626˚F Temperature Measurement 
  • 3.5" Color Touch Screen with 640 x 480 resolution                 3.5" Color Touch Screen with 640 x 480 resolution
  • IP-54 Rating                                                                                       IP-54 Rating
  • Extended battery life                                                                        Extended battery life

The Seek Shot and ShotPRO are designed in Santa Barbara, California. Available at most industrial distribution outlets and on, the devices retail for $499 USD and $699 USDrespectively. For more information, visit:

About Seek Thermal 
Seek Thermal engineers and manufacturers low-cost, high-resolution thermal imaging cores for commercial, consumer and IoT applications. Founded by industry pioneers who spent 40 years advancing the state of military and professional-grade thermal technologies, Seek Thermal has developed a breakthrough line of OEM thermal cores in a small, market-leading size footprint. Designed for small form factor, lightweight and low power consumption applications, Seek Thermal delivers high-end thermal capabilities, accuracy, and performance to enable many new applications and products. For more information, visit (follow @SeekThermal on Instagram/Twitter).

CONTACT: Eric Montague,, (508) 527-3312

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