Latest Nygra Coatings are Applied Using Standard Gravity Feed Spray Gun

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The Nygra Coatings are offered in Type 1 Rigid Black and Rigid White colors. The products are suitable for facilities that are seeking to reduce temperatures, support sustainability initiatives and manage cooling costs. These coatings repel heat-causing IR duration and independently control visible color and reflection of infrared radiation. They reduce both surface temperature and internal ambient temperatures by 35°F. The Nygra coatings are suitable for education, healthcare, commercial and industrial facilities and commercial trucking.

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Nygra Coatings Launches Cool Roof Technology

Coatings rank as "best" for solar reflectance, support ENERGY STAR, U.S. Green Building Council and LEED requirements

LOWELL, Mass., Nov. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Nygra Coatings launches today with the availability of its first product, an innovative and durable coating poised to disrupt the cool paint industry. The coating is ideal for facilities seeking to reduce temperatures, manage cooling costs, reduce energy use, and support sustainability initiatives.

Nygra Coatings repels heat-causing IR radiation, dramatically reducing air conditioning requirements in hot climates. Nygra Coatings has pioneered this technology into a product that can independently control visible color and reflection of infrared radiation (heat signature). In fact, Nygra Coatings can reduce both surface temperatures and internal ambient temperatures by 35°F or more compared to standard cool paints. The robust and lightweight coatings have major opportunities as a solution for education, healthcare, commercial and industrial facilities, and even commercial trucking and aircraft, aiding in the reduction of fuel costs.

"The launch of Nygra Coatings has set the pace for how disruptive our technologies will be," said CEO Robb Osinski. "Nygra will not only alter the commercial and facilities industries, but will help resolve multiple issues, including students' ability to concentrate in hot schools, managing the increasing energy costs of commercial buildings, and reducing fuel costs for fleet and other commercial vehicles. We're here to make powerful changes in a variety of markets, and Nygra Coatings is only the beginning."

Application of Nygra Coatings is done using a standard gravity feed spray gun and requires just a single application at a recommended thickness of only two millimeters. It can be applied on top of existing paints, other coatings and smooth surfaces, including concrete and rubber. Unlike typical coatings, Nygra will remain intact and fully effective for eight-to-ten years, as opposed to months.

At launch, Nygra Coatings will be available in two colors: Type 1 Rigid Black and Rigid White. The coatings have undergone rigorous testing by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) Product Rating Program, in which roofing manufacturers can label various roof surface products with radiative property values rated under a strict testing program administered by the CRRC.

CRRC testing demonstrated that:

  • Nygra Type 1 Rigid Black has the best reflectance performance of any CRRC-listed black product; and the best solar reflectance index (SRI) performance of any CRRC-listed black paint product, with a three-year SRI score of 28.
  • Nygra Type 1 Rigid Black meets ENERGY STAR initial requirements for steep-sloped (> 2:12) roofs.
  • Nygra Type 1 Rigid White has an initial SRI score of 101 and three-year score of 93, making it one of the top CRRC-listed white paint products available.
  • Nygra Type 1 Rigid White meets ENERGY STAR initial requirements for low-sloped (≤ 2:12) roofs; meets U.S. Green Building Council Heat Island Reduction requirements for low-sloped roofs; and qualifies for the heat island effect for cool roofs, which adds .75 points to LEED certification.

To learn more, visit the Nygra Coatings and Bambu Global booth (#1416) at GreenBuild International Conference and Expo in Chicago, IL, from November 14-16, 2018.

About Nygra Coatings
Nygra Coatings reflect the sun's IR bands and greatly reduce both internal and external temperature, making them ideal for use on education, healthcare, commercial and industrial facilities. These robust and lightweight cool roof coatings facilitate lower cooling costs, are easily applied, and remain intact and effective for eight-to-ten years. Nygra Coatings is a subsidiary of Bambu Global. For more information, visit

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