Latest Network Adapter Comes with RJ-45 Connector Supporting 100/1000/2500 mbps Speeds

Press Release Summary:

  • Powered by USB and requires no more than 0.68 W. At 0.68
  • Features Realtek RTL8156B in aluminum alloy casing for even more efficient 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet
  • Offers USB3.2 Gen 1 Type-C connection that includes a Type-A adapter

Original Press Release:

The AS-U2.5G2 – Stronger, Lighter, More Efficient

Instantly upgrade almost any personal computing device with the new and improved AS-U2.5G2. Now with a USB Type-A adapter, aluminum casing and more efficient Realtek controller, enjoy more than double the speed of traditional Gigabit Ethernet on devices with nothing more than a USB port.

Taipei, Taiwan 28 January 2021 - ASUSTOR Inc. today has released an upgraded version of AS-U2.5G network adapter, named the AS-U2.5G2, bringing a lighter, smaller, and more efficient 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet experience. The AS-U2.5G2 features the next generation Realtek RTL8156B and an all-new aluminum alloy casing for even more efficient 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet. In addition to its smaller size and enhanced performance, the AS-U2.5G2 has a new design that both saves power and improves heat dissipation with its new aluminum exterior. The AS-U2.5G2 is backwards compatible with previous network standards and supports Gigabit Ethernet and 100-Megabit Ethernet to ensure maximum flexibility for almost any network environment. Featuring a USB3.2 Gen 1 Type-C connection that also includes a Type-A adapter, connect your AS-U2.5G2 to almost any personal computing device and your ASUSTOR NAS to take advantage of upgraded network speeds. The AS-U2.5G2 is directly powered by USB and does not require additional power as it requires no more than 0.68 W. At 0.68 W, the AS-U2.5G2 uses almost 66% less power than the AS-U2.5G which lowers heat output, furthering longevity and increasing efficiency for devices that run on battery.

AS-U2.5G2 specifications

• Hardware 
-USB3.2 Gen1 Type-C with Type-A adapter
-RJ-45 Connector Supporting 100/1000/2500 mbps speeds.
• Software support 
-ASUSTOR ADM 3.5.1 or above
-macOS 10.6 or above
-Windows XP, Vista, 7 SP1, 8.1, 10. 32 and 64 bit supported.
• Size 
-195 x 23.4 x 16.4 (mm)
• Supported ASUSTOR NAS 
-AS31/32/50/51/61/62/63/64/70/Nimbustor, Lockerstor, Lockerstor Pro

The AS-U2.5G2 has a one-year warranty. For more detailed product information, please visit ASUSTOR’s official website at

About ASUSTOR Inc.
Founded in 2011, ASUSTOR Inc. was established via direct investment from ASUSTeK Computer Inc. The ASUSTOR brand name was created as a portmanteau of “ASUS” and “Storage”. ASUSTOR is a leading innovator and provider of private cloud storage (network attached storage) and video surveillance (network video recorder) solutions, also specializing in the development and integration of related firmware, hardware and applications. We are devoted to providing the world with unparalleled user experiences and the most complete set of network storage solutions possible.

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