Latest Monitors from LG are Ideal for Hospitals and Clinics

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  • Available in clinical review, diagnostic, surgical and digital x-ray detection variants
  • Offer medical professionals improved work efficiency, advanced performance, expanded screen real estate, and clean minimalist designs
  • Optimized for medical environments and the performance needs of healthcare professionals

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LG Introduces Medical Display Devices in Canada

LG Electronics Canada's medical monitors are optimized for medical environments and the performance needs of Healthcare professionals

TORONTO, Nov. 3, 2020 /CNW/ - A leader in display technology, LG Electronics Canada is expanding its product offerings to provide advanced medical display solutions in four categories: Clinical Review, Diagnostic, Surgical and Digital X-Ray Detection.

Leveraging years of experience in advanced flat-panel display technology, LG's medical monitors were developed with a wide range of advanced technologies to help digitize healthcare with leading innovation where high-tech integration is paramount and are currently found in 118 hospitals and clinics around the world.

"As healthcare becomes more digitized, the tools clinician's needs are evolving," said Andrew Chlebus, VP, Business Solutions. "LG has won countless awards for its display technology and in 2016, LG decided to take that expertise to the medical sector. Since that time, LG's medical monitors have been installed in hospitals around the globe and we are pleased to now be able to offer them to the Canadian healthcare community."

The newest lines of medical monitors may offer medical professionals improved work efficiency, advanced performance, expanded screen real estate, and clean minimalist designs.

LG Clinical Review Monitors (27HJ712C, 27 HJ713C and 19HK312C)
Accurate Image Quality: The 27-inch 8MP display monitors with IPS (inter-plane switching) technology can offer outstanding picture quality with perfect 178-degree viewing angles thereby enabling multiple-viewers while also maintaining the highest quality reproduction and minimal colour shift.

Consistent Medical Images: Built to be DICOM Part 14 compliant, in order to ensure the monitor will most likely provide the most accurate and consistent shading possible. The Brightness Stabilization function makes use of an internal backlight sensor to stabilize the luminance to ensure it remains consistent over time.

Optimum Eye Comfort: To reduce eye fatigue and increase comfort for clinicians, the monitors are built with Flicker-Safe technology and Reader mode. The Flicker-Safe technology reduces flickering to almost zero, and the Reader Mode helps to reduce blue light emissions.

The 19-inch 1.3MP IPS monitor offers similar features as the other monitors, but also offers NTSC 72 per cent; making it suitable for x-ray images and offers anti-microbial properties built in the plastic housing to inhibit the growth of bacteria that may affect the housing of the product.

LG Diagnostic Monitors (32HL512D, 21HK512D)
Exceptional Image Quality: The 31.5-inch 8MP IPS diagnostic monitor, and the 21-inch 3MP IPS diagnostic monitor may allow clinicians to review delicate image details such as CT and angiography scans with wide 178-degree viewing angles.

Efficient Diagnostic Data Management with Dual Controller: Clinicians may easily view and review images from multiple devices connected to one single screen, keyboard and mouse – they may view patient information and clinical information simultaneously. With the 4-side Virtually Borderless design, it can allow clinicians for a multi-monitor diagnostic set up.

Diagnostic Optimized Feature: It may maintain image quality through the built-in Auto Luminance Calibration, which can be managed remotely and automatically. In the Pathology Mode setting, the monitor is possible to display even more accurate colour reproduction.

LG Surgical Monitors (32HL710S, 27HJ710S)
The 31.5-inch 4K surgical monitor with IPS features a large ultra-high-definition display that can help surgeons easily identify details, presenting accurate and realistic images during a procedure. The 178-degree wide viewing area can enable multiple doctors to take part in the surgery at hand.

This monitor is engineered to provide low latency from video source to display. Its backlight brightness monitoring and control produces consistent flicker-free video. The surgical monitor may be used with a wide variety of endoscopy cameras to provide a possible remarkably smooth and accurate up-scaling of Full-HD video.

The monitor also supports high dynamic range (HDR 10) content, and it is possible to deliver impressive contrast and colours when it is connected to an endoscope camera or other compatible devices. The advanced HDR 10 video format can gives medical professionals a clear picture that can be easy to see and interpret.

LG's surgical monitor has 4PBP and PIP modes, as well as multiple video input ports, that can display visual information from several devices almost simultaneously. The benefit can be an enhanced work efficiency by making it possible to view a comprehensive range of data on a single screen. For improved flexibility, the surgical monitor can provide the Mirror and Rotate functions. It can also feature easily, cleanable and protective glass and has a lightweight sleek design with a magnetic cover for precision cable management.

LG Digital X-Ray Detector (17HK700G-W, 17HK701-W)
The new Digital X-ray Detector may convert X-ray energy into digital images with superior contrast and high-resolution. The Detector is designed to be durable and portable. The Detector has received the 1P41 rating which can protect contacts of liquid and dust. It has also been developed with a carbon-fiber to be lightweight, but still can be durable, as it meets military standards. Thereby, it could guarantee safe and convenient transport under harsh conditions if it is properly employed.

The monitor can be engineered to capture images within three to six seconds, allowing clinicians to diagnose more patients within a shorter timeframe.

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