Latest Independent Field Testing Results Show that Selco's LED Poultry Lights Provide Superior Light Maintenance with Zero Failures

Reno, NV - New independent test results for Poultry LED Grow Lights prove that Selco LED Poultry Lights have a Light Maintenance of 97.1% over a 14 month period in a live commercial production broiler house. This equates to only a 2.9% light output loss for Selco grow lights for a 14 month period. The independent test results, which also indicated zero failures for Selco's lights, come from a highly trusted source under a comprehensive, on-going field program for the poultry industry.

'Light Maintenance' is widely used as an indicator of expected bulb life - the most critical factor for poultry producer's LED Grow Light investment. Previously, under the same Poultry Testing Program, Selco's LED Poultry Lights ranked #1 for Lowest Energy Consumption and the highest Performance Index for houses requiring 50 grow lights with same physical size house. These facts combined with the latest Light Maintenance findings, point to a significant means of new savings for poultry producers.

Details of the field testing, with the same size poultry house using 50 grow lights, other manufacturer's LEDs Light Maintenance scores over the 14 month period were notably less - 86.5% and 75.3%. This is a light output loss of 13.5% and 24.7% compared to Selco's 2.9%. Test results also showed that Selco's lights scored above the others in total average light illumination of the poultry house floor.

"Selco's LED Poultry lights are steadily making a name in the poultry market," says Peter Ranalli, Selco Products Senior Vice President. "Customers are realizing significant savings in reduced energy cost. Now, with independent confirmation of our light maintenance, customers can expect further savings due to infrequent bulb replacement and associated cost of replacements. With lighting being a sizeable energy cost for poultry producers, Selco's LEDs are one of the smartest and safest investments they can make," he adds.

The independent study used Selco's Model LL30-S120D AC LED Light, which features a low power consumption of 7.2 watts maximum, 525 lumens minimum at full power and a 5,000K bulb.

Selco was extremely pleased by the latest testing results, but not surprised as Selco designed and manufactured the poultry lights to operate in harsh environments for very long service life. Internal company testing showed excellent performance results, but Selco believed that confirmation by independent poultry professionals in a live commercial farming was of paramount importance. Now, with these latest independent test results, the poultry grower can have full confidence that they are making a wise "cost saving" investment when buying a Selco LED grow light.

Other important features of the Selco LL30 include an IP69 lens to body double-seal design for water and gaseous ingress protection. The sealed LED chips and high compression silicon housing gasket are built to withstand high liquid pressure cleaning and provide protection against toxic and corrosive gases that are common to poultry production. This design also provides a smooth housing for easy cleaning and wipe down. Constructed of high impact/shatterproof polycarbonate lens, the LEDs contain no glass, making them virtually indestructible.

Selco offers the LED Grow-out Light Model LL30 for Poultry Broiler Houses and the LED Model LL20 for Poultry Layer Houses, Pullet Houses, and Hatcheries. Both models are available for use in 120 VAC and 220 VAC standard E26/27 sockets and are fully dimmable with most all SCR or IGBT phase control dimming systems.

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