Latest Helios Variable Air Volume Diffuser Allows for Personalization of Temperature Control

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Helios Variable Air Volume Diffuser is controlled using solar-powered wireless control Thermostat. The controller consists of wall sensor and plug-in postmaster with quick pushbutton pairing. One thermostat control enables the operator to power up to 15 diffusers in single zone. Unit comes with solar cell that can be charged using 100 lumens of ambient light and is suitable for office, healthcare and education applications.

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Industry’s First Light-Powered Digital Diffuser can now be Controlled Wirelessly with New Solar-Powered Thermostat

Titus redefines personalized comfort with a thermostat that harnesses the power of ambient light


There are two constants in office environments: florescent lighting and inconsistent temperature control. Now, with a new product released by Titus, a world leader in air distribution, one constant can greatly improve the other. The Helios variable air volume (VAV) diffuser now has a solar-powered, wireless control. The Helios wireless control harnesses the power of indoor lighting or direct sunlight to personalize temperature control.

The wireless control includes a solar powered wall sensor and plug-in postmaster, allowing Helios to be managed with quick and easy pushbutton pairing. One thermostat control can power up to 15 diffusers in a single zone. Pairing does not require line-of-sight between the control and the diffusers, allowing greater flexibility in placement and design. Helios VAV diffuser and wireless control are equipped with a solar cell that, because they can be charged by 100 lumens of ambient light, they don’t require an outside power source, decreasing installation costs and improving energy efficiency.

The wireless control gives occupants digital accuracy to customize their comfort. Each diffuser in a zone can be individually controlled to provide the perfect level of comfort, improving employee efficiency as well as putting an end to office thermostat wars.

“With the introduction of the wireless control, occupants have convenient access to personalized temperature control,” said Mark Costello, product manager, Titus. “The Helios wireless control combines the simplicity of wireless installation, the cost savings of light-powered design and the accuracy of digital capabilities to increase a building’s energy efficiency, all while making it more comfortable for the space’s occupants.”

The Helios VAV diffuser is the HVAC industry’s first digital diffuser that is powered by both ambient light and direct sunlight. The diffuser won the 2017 AHR EXPO Innovation Award for Ventilation; the new wireless control builds upon that innovation.

Helios VAV diffuser and wireless control are ideal for office, healthcare and education applications. Both can be used as retrofit installations.

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As the world leader in advancing the science of air distribution and air management training, Titus works to make life better by improving the health, efficiency, sustainability, comfort and aesthetics in commercial building environments. Founded in 1946, Titus, an integral piece of Johnson Controls Building Efficiency division, provides a breadth and depth of air management products and design tools that includes displacement ventilation, chilled beams, underfloor, grilles, diffusers, terminal units, fan coils and advanced training. For more information, visit http://www.titus–, call 972-212-4800, or connect with us on social media via FacebookYouTube or Twitter.

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