Latest Class 4 SoftSwitch Solutions Enable VoIP Service Providers to Handle Multiple Clients in Multiple Locations

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The Ecosmob offers Class 4 SoftSwitch Development Services for VoIP service providers. The class 4 SoftSwitch helps VoIP provider to handle transborder traffic and traffic across various global carriers. The switch comes with intelligent call routing, geographic routing, LNP and MNP routing and emergency numbers routing options. They are incorporated with artificial intelligence that improves black/white list performance feature.

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Ecosmob Announces VoIP Class 4 Softswitch Development for VoIP Service Providers

Class 4 softswitch is at the core of carrier services offering VoIP services and Ecosmob latest iterations incorporate technology advancements in this sector. Ecosmob custom develops class 4 softswitch for carriers worldwide and for VoIP service providers.

Ecosmob, global VoIP technology leaders, announced availability of class 4 softswitch development services for VoIP service providers.

VoIP services have been witnessing a steady growth in recent times and they also face issues since VoIP today includes a host of media codecs and increased video traffic that legacy class 4 softswitch solutions are not able to handle with efficiency. Ecosmob has studied market trends and has come up improved class 4 softswitch that can handle current requirements. “They are more IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) oriented compared to older solutions that focused on TDM switches,” said the VP of Ecosmob.

VoIP service providers rely on class 4 softswitch to handle transborder traffic and traffic across various global carriers. Service providers may have to reconsider older implementation and look for improved systems according to drivers. They may need to serve mobile and fixed carrier networks. One need may be to address increasingly heavy traffic across developed and developing countries and to take advantage of 5G and fiber optic that will become ubiquitous in the time to come. Everyone’s needs are different and customization is the key to fluid performance. Ecosmob specializes in customized VoIP class 4 softswitch development aligned with a service provider’s operational model. In fact, Ecosmob team of developers can actually recommend improvements across the board after analysis and help the client reduce cost, improve services and handle more clients with ease.

What sets Ecosmob apart from other VoIP solutions developers is its expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning. These are ported to class 4 features such as intelligent call routing, geographic routing, LNP & MNP routing and emergency numbers routing. AI incorporation in the development improves performance of features such as black/white list and can be of prime importance in load balancing and failover. Instead of plain logic and options, the system can make better informed decisions based on past decisions or data fed to it.

The other side of the coin of custom development is that it becomes a white label solution, allowing VoIP service providers to create their own brand in the market, handle multiple clients in multiple locations with multiple languages and multiple currency features layered on top.

Ecosmob development is backed by support throughout the process and even includes training as well as post installation upgrades and support to ensure zero downtime.

Interested VoIP service providers and startups wishing to capitalize on the VoIP business demand may get in touch with Ecosmob at phone 1-303-997-3139, live chat on or email

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