Latest BIS Series Incubated Shakers Feature Temperature-Limiting Alarm System

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The BIS Series Incubated Shakers are available in three models 10.0 x 10.0 in., 13.8 x 13.8 in. and 17.7 x 17.7 in. platforms with shaking speed range of 40 to 250 rpm, 40 to 300 and 40 to 300 rpm respectively. They can be operated in 5°C to 50°C temperature range with resolution of ±0.1°C and timer range of 1 to 5,999 minutes. The shakers are offered with color LCD display, safety door switch and accessories such as platforms, tube-racks and flask clamps. The PID controller offers accurate speed and temperature with timed runs.

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NEW Incubated Shakers

BEING Incubated Shakers are often used for cell culturing, cell aeration, and solubility studies. In addition to stable temperature conditions, they use an orbital agitation at variable speeds to affect the growth of cell cultures.

Auto off and alarm occurs when the real shaking speed is 10% different from setting value, and the motor will stop automatically. BEING’s PID controller provides accurate speed and temperature with timed runs. The speed controller ensures smooth start/stop which can prevent liquid spilling to damage the equipment.

BIS Series Incubated Shakers cover a temperature range from 5°C over ambient temperature to 50°C with resolution of ±0.1°C. The timer range goes from 1 to 5,999 minutes.

Three models are available:

  • 10.0" x 10.0" platform with Shaking Speed Range of 40 to 250 rpm
  • 13.8" x 13.8" platform with Shaking Speed Range of 40 to 300 rpm
  • 17.7" x 17.7" platform with Shaking Speed Range of 40 to 300 rpm

Features Include:

  • Colorful LCD display
  • Safety door switch, auto pause operation when door is opened.
  • High efficiency filter provides filtration of bacteria and dust
  • A large number of accessories (platforms, tube-racks, and flask clamps) to accommodate various needs
  • Temperature-limiting alarm system, auto switch off when over-temperature

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