Latest ADRV9009 RF Transceiver from Analog Devices, Inc. Offers 75 MHz to 6 GHz Tunable Frequencies

Press Release Summary:

Richardson RFPD, Inc. announces availability of ADRV9009 RF transceiver which delivers 200 MHz bandwidth. The RF transceiver provides a single radio platform, reduce product design times by as much as half and simplifies the deployment of 5G and maintenance of multi-bands like 2G, 3G and 4G. Fast frequency-hopping helps to reduce system downtime and improves spectrum efficiency and link security. The LO synchronization simplifies digital beamforming for phased array radar and massive MIMO.

Original Press Release:

Richardson RFPD Announces Availability of New Wideband RF Transceiver from Analog Devices for 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G Base Stations and Phased Array Radar Applications

ADRV9009 operates from 75 MHz to 6 GHz to support all existing cellular standards

June 12, 2018 – Geneva, Ill.: Richardson RFPD, Inc. announced today the availability and full design support capabilities for a new RF transceiver from Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI).

The ADRV9009 is tunable from 75 MHz to 6 GHz, providing designers with a single radio platform to accelerate the deployment of 5G, sustain 2G/3G/4G coverage, and simplify phased array radar design. The availability of a single platform reduces product design times by as much as half, while simplifying the deployment and maintenance of multi-band, multi-standard communications equipment.

Additional key features of the ADRV9009 include:

  • Delivers 200 MHz bandwidth, 2x the previous generation
  • System integration replaces up to 20 components, significantly reducing SWaP
  • LO synchronization simplifies digital beamforming for phased array radar and massive MIMO
  • Fast frequency-hopping reduces system downtime, improves spectrum efficiency and link security

An evaluation board for the new device is also available.

The new device is part of ADI’s RadioVerse™ technology and design ecosystem. RadioVerse accelerates advanced radio design and development and includes market-leading integrated radio platforms, software tools, evaluation and prototyping platforms, a range of reference designs, and full radio solutions. Please visit the Richardson RFPD RadioVerse webpage to learn more about the complete lineup of ADI RadioVerse transceivers and available development tools.

To find more information, or to purchase these products today online, please visit the ADRV9009 and ADRV9009-W/PCBZ webpages. The devices are also available by calling 1-800-737-6937 (within North America); or please find your local sales engineer (worldwide) at Local Sales Support. To learn about additional products from ADI, please visit the ADI storefront webpage.

RadioVerse is a trademark of Analog Devices, Inc.

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