LasX Laser Digital Finishing Installation Expands Toronto Printer's Services

ST. PAUL, Minn., February 10, 2017 - LasX Industries, Inc., an industry leader in highperformance, production class laser processing systems and services, recently installed a twin STP400 digital laser finishing system at Sherwood Printers, a leading trade printer in Toronto, Canada. Sherwood provides a varied range of commercial and corporate printing services and is always searching for innovative printing solutions to better serve its growing customer base, especially solutions that improve quality, optimize cost effectiveness and reduce turnaround times. Sherwood's LasX STP400 system with the robotic stripping system meets all those criteria and more.

Sherwood Printers' facility located in Mississauga, ON is the central production hub where all in-house and trade work is produced. Sherwood Printers finishes orders from each of Sherwood's 14 copy shops in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), as well as a long and growing list of graphic designers, print brokers and advertising agencies.

Manoj Sheth, President & CEO of Sherwood Printers says, "We are located in one of North America's most competitive print markets and this LasX twin laser and robot system will nicely complement our digital and litho print capabilities. The highly automated LasX digital laser system provides our trade clients and our copy shop customers all the benefits of digital processing - fast and efficient turnaround from one central facility for printing, laser processing and shipping. Today, designs are limited only by an artist's imagination and these designs can be incredibly intricate. Our LasX systems allows us to produce runs of 2 pieces up to medium and long runs all at very competitive prices."

Manoj Sheth adds that LasX and Sherwood Printers will offer factory tours and bespoke show samples during the upcoming Graphics Canada show at the International Centre in early April where LasX will exhibit its technology and solutions.


  • Creates intricate, laser-perfect details traditional die cutters simply cannot match - designs are limited only by the imagination.
  • "Run of One" - First processed page is as perfect as all the following pages with no adjustments required.

Cost effective

  • Laser finishing and automation substantially reduces labor and other production costs.
  • Eliminates costly tooling, set-up, make-ready and work-in-process inventories, ideal for the quick-turn, short-run and variable-content applications printers encounter every day.

Fast turnaround

  • High speed laser processing reduces production time.
  • Instant, on-the-fly job changeover eliminates set-up times.

The Sherwood installation includes the powerful LasX STP400-2", which is a 20" wide sheet-fed process, with two 400W lasers for performing multiple laser operations simultaneously all in a single pass. An integrated robot automatically removes the finished part from the waste and stacks the parts. The dual-camera vision system allows for precise print to cut registration and has an optional printed bar-code job option to pass the job information instantly to the laser controller for short order and variable cut operations. Driving jobs from the printed bar code on the edge of the sheet instantly loads the new job parameters for on-the-fly changeover at production speed to both the laser and the robot.

About LasX Industries

Founded in 1998, LasX Industries, Inc. ( designs and manufactures high power, high speed industrial laser systems for the Commercial Print, Flexible Packaging, Medical, Textile and Electronics industries. Using leading-edge laser technology, LasX delivers standard and custom material processing solutions in laser cutting, marking, perforating, welding and other applications. LasX's patented LaserSharp® technology and LightGuide® software can be integrated into new and existing workflows to create custom laser solutions and subsystems to meet discrete customer requirements. Offering a full suite of services, LasX also specializes in high quality, cost effective on-demand contract manufacturing. LasX Industries serves the international manufacturing sector through its offices in the USA and Germany.

About Sherwood Printers

Since 1984, Sherwood Printers ( has been at the forefront of adopting new technology and is one of the leading trade printer and wholesale printing supplier in the greater Toronto area. The company provides a varied range of commercial and corporate printing services including digital, offset and specialty printing. Established in 1990, Sherwood Print & Copy has steadily developed a loyal client base of local and national and commercial printing accounts through the integration of innovative printing solutions that maximize cost-efficiency and reduce turnaround times. Sherwood Print & Copy invests in current and emerging printing technologies to provide its customers with the most current, cost-saving printing solutions available.

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