Laservision Laser Safety Windows and Sheets

Laser viewing sheets are ideal for laser enclosures and rooms. They provide safe viewing of lasers from outside the nominal hazard zone. Our laser viewing filters can be customized to facilitate most laser applications including doors, rooms, laser systems, and enclosures.

We solve complicated problems with creative solutions. Find out more below.


A viewing window needed to block 1070 nm laser light and block ultraviolet plasma radiation (blue light) that resulted from the laser beam interacting with stainless steel. Additionally, a high OD for blocking the laser and the plasma to 8+ was needed.


Our laser safety expert put two different pieces of acrylic together and mounted them into the window frame of the laser housing. The result was the ability to block the 1070nm laser and the ultraviolet plasma radiation at high OD levels in the same viewing window. The customer was very satisfied with this solution.

Absorptive acrylic filters will meet most laser safety requirements and are available on our website at If you require greater laser protection or specific viewing conditions, contact our laser safety experts with your laser safety requirements and we will design a solution for you. Our laser safety specialists can assist you with any absorptive acrylic filters or absorptive glass window enclosures.

Please contact us at 1-800-393-5565 to get a custom solution created for you or visit Download specification sheets, look through the available filters and visible spectrum to see the clarity of the window before you buy. We look forward to creating the best solution that will meet any requirement you may have now or in the future.

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