LASERDYNE 606D Users Report Three Times (3X) Productivity Gains

Champlin, Minnesota: Prima Power Laserdyne reports that users of the LASERDYNE 606D are reporting up to three times the throughput of previous systems.

Users of the LASERDYNE 606D, which was first publicly demonstrated at IMTS 2016, are reporting “better than expected productivity gains which they attribute to the system’s high dynamic performance and advanced fiber laser control.”

“We were pleasantly surprised to hear that early LASERDYNE 606D laser system users are reporting consistent productivity gains of up to three times (3X) when processing similar parts on their 606D machine versus their older machines,” reports Terry VanderWert, president of Prima Power Laserdyne. “While the processes are often proprietary and will not be disclosed, the results are real and setting a new productivity level for laser processing.”

The 606D system is composed of two completely independent laser machines within a single unitized structure. A main design goal of the system was to maximize throughput per unit of manufacturing floor space. One of the ways that it accomplishes this is to incorporate two completely independent laser machines within a single unitized structure.

The throughput goal also is accomplished through a machine design that gives high dynamic performance and takes full advantage of the capabilities of high power QCW fiber lasers.

In addition, the two LASERDYNE S94P controllers provide integrated control of the laser, motion, process gases, and process sensors in both workstations providing smart solutions for cutting, welding and drilling.

Finally, productivity is also enhanced by the two integrated machines located next to each other where they are most often operated by a single person.

“The LASERDYNE 606D provides faster, more flexible ways to use laser processing and, in combination with LASERDYNE SmartTechniques™, helps manufacturers get the most from the latest high power QCW fiber lasers. The system helps them achieve ever more demanding manufacturing goals by encouraging users to go beyond their earliest expectations for the system,” Mr. VanderWert stated.

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