Laser Workstation welds variety of tool sizes and geometries.

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Based on Cartesian machine with 1,000 mm range in all 3 axes, PowerWeld multiflex is designed for build-up welding on large workpieces. Length of stroke and adjustable welding head allow for diverse processing capabilities. Movement of axes can be adapted to needs of welding area using teach function, and product can also be programmed to weld several parts in same manner using spline functions. Welding head, mounted at one end of Y axis, can be tilted in 2 planes.

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TRUMPF PowerWeld multiflex Welds a Wide Variety of Tool Sizes and Geometries

PLYMOUTH, Mich. May 17, 2006 - TRUMPF has introduced the PowerWeld multiflex laser workstation for build-up welding on large workpieces. The system is based on a Cartesian machine with a range of 1,000 millimeters in all three axes. The large stroke of the axes, combined with the flexible adjustability of the welding head, allow for the processing of tools of almost any size and geometry.

A noteworthy feature of the multiflex is the machine's capability to adapt the movement of the axes to the real needs of the welding area using an easy-to-use teach function. Movement of the welding optics along the defined working plane is controlled by the user via a joystick. When several parts have to be welded in the same manner, the PowerWeld multiflex can be easily programmed using spline functions.

Manufacturing tools and molds is expensive and time-consuming. This is especially the case when a manufacturing tool has to be altered, or rebuilt because of damage. Build-up laser welding is an economical alternative. The laser brings tools back into shape quickly, with high quality, and at low cost. Applications range from the repair of worn tools to design adaptations and build-up of complex contours.

"Laser welding has established itself as a reliable method, and is especially impressive for the durability of the tool material," explains David Havrilla, product manager of YAG Lasers, TRUMPF Inc. Laser Technology Center, Plymouth, Michigan. "Refinishing work is minimal, and subsequent processing methods, such as polishing or etching, have no effect on the finished injection-molded component."

The PowerWeld multiflex enables the operator to weld just about any shape tool, independent of the size and position of the workpiece, and without any need for alignment. The welding head is mounted at one end of the Y axis and can be tilted in two planes. For observation of the welding process a camera with a flat panel display or a stereo microscope are available. Available options are a controlled rotary axis, as well as a welding bench with a rotating plate.

TRUMPF solid-state lasers for build-up welding

TRUMPF provides systems specially designed for build-up laser welding, each adapted to the respective application. For workpieces that can be positioned by hand, TRUMPF also offers the standard PowerWeld with stationary welding optics and optional NC-axes for the workpiece.

"In connection with the processing systems, TRUMPF pulsed solid-state lasers from 20 to 200 watts are used," says Havrilla. The modular optical design of the laser devices, together with flexible laser light cables, make it possible to power several processing stations, such as the PowerWeld multiflex, standard PowerWeld, or a custom welding cell, thus enabling one to compliment the other."

TRUMPF is one of the world's largest producers of fabricating machinery and a world market leader in lasers used for industrial production technology. Additional company information is available at:

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