Laser Trackers feature wireless video camera.

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Laser Tracker X and Xi measure large parts and assemblies in 3 dimensions by tracking laser beam reflected off handheld probe that user guides along surface to be measured. With point-and-click operation, TargetCAM's vision system supplies live video via wireless Ethernet. Camera offers 40° field of vision, 4x digital zoom, 704 x 480 view, and bank of 6 blinking infrared LEDs that illuminate all targets up to 80 ft away, making them visible in view finder.

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FARO Adds Vision to Laser Tracker with New TargetCAM

December 8, 2005 -- Lake Mary, FL -- FARO Technologies, Inc., the world's single source for a complete line of portable CAM2 solutions, has developed a new device called TargetCAM, a fully integrated wireless video camera for use with its popular Laser Tracker X and Xi.

"Our products are known for their versatility in the field in practically every industry," FARO CEO and Co-Founder Simon Raab said. "TargetCAM extends the capabilities of our Trackers even further and makes them ideal for large automated-assembly projects and tool-repeatability studies."

FARO's Laser Trackers measure large parts and assemblies in three-dimensions by tracking a laser beam reflected off of a handheld probe (target) that the user guides along the surface to be measured. In many applications, multiple targets are fixed on the parts. With "point-and-click" simplicity, TargetCAM's vision system supplies live video via wireless Ethernet so the user can:

o Easily find targets when the Tracker and targets are out of the user's sight
o Set up a measurement session on a tool in seconds by clicking on each repeatability target in the camera view and then measuring the location
o Identify obstructions to the Tracker's line of sight without entering the assembly area
o Find targets mounted in "busy" locations

The TargetCAM receives its power from the FARO Tracker, which eliminates the need for external wires and a separate adapter or power supply. Its wireless 802.11g camera offers a 40-degree field of vision, 4x digital zoom, 704 x 480 view, and a bank of six, blinking infrared LEDs that illuminate all targets up to 80 feet away, making them easily visible in the viewfinder, even in cluttered areas. Clicking on the center of each target on the screen aims the Tracker directly at the target. The camera can also pan and zoom with the easy-to-use control panel.

"All of our portable CMMs have an open architecture to meet our customers' diverse software demands," FARO Laser Product Manager Chuck Pfeffer said. "TargetCAM follows suit by being easily integrated into CAM2 Measure, as well as fully compatible with any third-party software package."

TargetCAM is an installed option for all new FARO Laser Tracker X and Xi models, while retrofit kits are available for existing customers' FARO Trackers, including Si models.

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With more than 9,100 installations and 4,100 customers globally, FARO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: FARO) and its international subsidiaries design, develop, and market software and portable, computerized measurement devices. The Company's products allow manufacturers to perform 3-D inspections of parts and assemblies on the shop floor. This helps eliminate manufacturing errors, and thereby increases productivity and profitability for a variety of industries in FARO's worldwide customer base. Principal products include the FARO Laser ScanArm; FARO Laser Scanner LS; FARO Gage and Gage-PLUS; Platinum, Digital Template, Titanium, Advantage FaroArms; the FARO Laser Tracker X and Xi; and the CAM2 family of advanced CAD-based measurement and reporting software. FARO Technologies is ISO 9001 certified and ISO-17025 laboratory registered.

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