Laser Tracker allows on-site and in-process inspection.

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Laser Tracker measures objects in ranges from 0 to 100 ft. SuperADM (Super Absolute Distance Measurement) allows users to measure effectively, even if laser beam has been interrupted. Suitable for use with CAM2(TM) (Computer Aided Manufacturing Measurement), tracker enables measuring and inspection of large parts, machine tools, and large objects. Model I is supplied with interferometer. Model SI is supplied with both interferometer and SuperADM.

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FARO Laser Trackers Begin to Ship

Lake Mary, Fla. - April 17, 2002 -- FARO Technologies Inc. announced that the first of its new generation laser trackers rolled off the line and was shipped to a major automotive manufacturer. Shipments are being ramped up this month to address the approximately $3 million backlog in orders FARO has received for its trackers, and to meet the demand for product demonstrations from potential customers worldwide, according to Vice President of Manufacturing, Ed Pelshaw.

Recently shown at the Control Show in Germany, the FARO Laser Tracker uses an ultra-precise laser beam to measure objects in the 0-100-foot range. With its greater angular resolution, repeatability and accuracy, the FARO Laser Tracker advances already-proven tracker technology. Among its many enhanced features is SuperADM, (Super Absolute Distance Measurement), a very high- speed distance measuring capability. ADM allows the user to measure effectively even if the laser beam has been interrupted, a key feature for the practical use of trackers in CAM2 (Computer Aided Manufacturing Measurement). This new, compact tracker has higher measuring speeds, greater accuracy and a larger working envelope than the company's previous models. It enables manufacturing, engineering and quality control professionals to measure and inspect large parts, machine tools and other large objects on-site, in-process or wherever it's most efficient and cost-effective.

Chuck Pfeffer, FARO Laser Division Account Manager said, "FARO is making its trackers available in two options: the "I" model with interferometer only or the "SI" model with interferometer and SuperADM." Both models of the tracker will start shipping this month.

The tracker is now fully capable of operating with FARO's industry-leading metrology software, CAM2(TM) Measure. "FARO has enhanced its CAM2 Measure software to fully support tracker applications," said Ken Steffey, software product manager for FARO.

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FARO Technologies (Nasdaq: FARO) and its international subsidiaries design, develop and market CAM2 systems and services for manufacturers of automotive, aerospace, industrial and consumer products worldwide. Principal products include the FARO Control Station measurement system, the Laser Tracker and a CAM2 family of advanced CAD-based measurement and reporting software. FARO products provide manufacturers the freedom to measure production parts or complex assemblies on the shop floor. FARO's customers benefit through improved productivity and enhanced product quality because of reduced rework and scrap within the manufacturing process. A recognized leader of dimensional quality control products worldwide, FARO Technologies is ISO 9001 certified and Guide 25 approved. Learn more at

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