Laser Sensors utilize Class 1 lasers.

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WORLD-BEAM® 1 QS18LD Laser Diffuse and QS18LLP Laser Retroreflective Sensors offer sensing range of 300 mm and 10 m, respectively. Single-turn potentiometer on back of sensors allows user adjustment, while crosstalk rejection algorithm protects against optical disturbances from adjacent sensors. Green and amber status LEDs are visible from 360°. Designed with 18 mm threaded barrel housing, units feature 10-30 Vdc operation and solid-state PNP or NPN outputs.

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High-Performance Visible Class 1 Laser Sensors Feature Compact World Standard Housing

Minneapolis, MN-November 4, 2005-The new WORLD-BEAM® QS18LD Laser Diffuse and QS18LLP Laser Retroreflective sensors from Banner Engineering Corp. deliver high-performance sensing with visible Class 1 lasers, tightly collimated sensing beams and extended sensing ranges. Both models use the company's popular, compact WORLD-BEAM QS18 standard housing for the greatest mounting and application flexibility. The QS18LD senses targets up to 300 mm away, and pricing starts at $99. The QS18LLP delivers reliable retroreflective sensing up to 10 m, and pricing starts at $114.

"As the smallest, most cost-effective models in Banner's extensive laser sensor product offering, the QS18LD and QS18LLP offer tremendous application flexibility when laser sensing power and accuracy are required in a confined location," said Chris Dales, Research and Development Product Planning manager for Banner Engineering. "Their visible Class 1 lasers deliver an extremely small effective beam for excellent optical performance throughout the entire sensing range-even long distances."

Applications. The WORLD-BEAM® QS18LD and QS18LLP are an excellent fit when high power and small beam size are important. They are ideal for a wide range of applications in pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, semiconductor, material handling and packaging industries. Examples include the following:
o Detecting small transitions in a position control application
o Verifying the presence and location of small holes in a drilling or stamping application
o Sensing small parts in a conveyance application
o Detecting features in an inspection application

Several features of the WORLD-BEAM QS18 laser sensors make them particularly easy to install and use:
o Retroreflective models polarize emitted light and filter out any unwanted reflections when detecting shiny objects.
o Crosstalk rejection algorithm protects against optical disturbance from adjacent sensors.
o Single-turn potentiometer on the back of sensor models allows user adjustment.
o Bright green and amber status LEDs are visible from 360°.
o Compact housing has popular 18 mm threaded barrel and two side-mount holes.
o An extensive offering of versatile mounting brackets is available.
o Six connector options are available: 2 m or 9 m integral cable; 4-pin Euro-style or integral pigtail QD; and 4-pin Pico-style or integral pigtail QD

Specifications. WORLD-BEAM QS18 laser sensors feature 10 to 30V dc operation and complementary solid-state outputs: output is current sourcing (PNP) or current sinking (NPN) depending on model.

A family of easy-to-use sensors. WORLD-BEAM Series sensors from Banner deliver a universal solution for sensor users who demand a wide range of available sensing modes. They are easy-to-apply, easy-to-use sensors that resist environmental contamination from moisture, dirt, EMI/RFI and crosstalk. WORLD-BEAM. One family. Complete solutions. To request a comprehensive 24-page color brochure of the entire WORLD-BEAM family, please contact a local sales person or visit

About Banner. Banner Engineering is the world's leading manufacturer of photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors, vision sensors, fiber optic assemblies, electronic machine guarding systems and precision measurement systems.

For further information, contact Banner Engineering Corp., 9714 Tenth Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55441. PH: 888-373-6767 (toll-free North America) or 001-763-544-3164 (International). FAX: 763-544-3213. Email: E-commerce: Web:

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