Laser Sensor measures thickness and profile of glass.

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Utilizing laser triangulation, FDA Class II Glass Thickness Sensor, Model GTS2, measures flat panel glass up to 0.06 in. thick and other flat glass up to 0.12 in. thick at speeds up to 2,000 readings/sec. Stand-off distance is 1.1 in. and measurement range is 0.16 in. All software functions operate inside sensor head, eliminating need for separate controller. Measuring 5.63 x 10.83 x 2.95 in., sensor comes factory calibrated for glass with 1.51 refractive index.

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Improved Class II Glass Thickness & Profile Measurement Sensor From LMI Technologies Eliminates The Controller

ATLANTA, GA --- LMI Technologies (USA), Inc. has introduced a new and improved glass thickness and profiling laser sensor with all software functions operating inside the sensor head, eliminating the need for a separate controller for reduced implementation cost. The FDA Class II visible Glass Thickness Sensor (GTS2) from LMI Technologies (USA), Inc. uses laser triangulation to measure flat panel glass up to 1.5 mm (0.06 in.) thick and other flat glass up to 3.0 mm (0.12 in.) thick at speeds of up to 2,000 readings per second. This makes the sensor ideal for on and off line thickness and distance measurements, either fixed positions or on scanning mechanisms, to provide reliable and repeatable results in quality control environments. Stand off distance is 28 mm (1.1 in.) and measurement range is 4.0 mm (0.16 in.). Data collection and control software functions are integrated within the laser head for added efficiency. This gives LMI Technologies (USA), Inc. the capability to support customized sensor algorithms and to write specific software applications inside the sensor head while communicating directly to a controller or PC with a RS-485 protocol for fast and economic digital data communication. Besides measuring flat glass, other applications include measuring LCD glass, medical glass, Digital Video Disks (DVDs), Compact Disks (CDs), fluorescent chips and numerous others. Description of Measurement The GTS2 sensor sends a laser beam onto the precision glass being measured at an angle of 49 degrees from the perpendicular. Using one detector, the single line of incident laser-light reflects from both surfaces of the glass and is projected back into the sensor's detector to provide the thickness data. Besides a Thickness Output, the GTS2 measures the distance to the top surface of the glass. This makes it possible to measure the location of the measured surface accurately and consistently as well as measure thickness to better than 0.0005 refractive repeatability. Accuracy is +/-1.0 um (micron). Single side measurement of thickness simplifies implementation since only one sensor is required. The sensor uses a Charged Coupled Device (CCD) single line array to calculate the distance between the projected top surface and the bottom surface reflections. By using CCD technology, the image can be filtered or otherwise processed to pinpoint the center of gravity of both surface reflections. The CCD technology can also remove unwanted multiple spots, reflections or other stray light common in difficult-to-measure glass applications. Technical Specifications The GTS2 sensor comes factory calibrated for glass with a 1.51 refractive index, with the user given the option of calibrating in the range of refraction of 1.4 to 1.6. The sensor's small footprint of 143 x 275 x 75 mm (5.63 x 10.83 x 2.95 in.) makes it ideal for tight work areas where space is at minimum. Serial output of the unit is RS485. The actual sample rate is 2200 samples/second. Precision is based on averaging 224 readings of filtered data. The resolution is 0.1 micron and accuracy is +/-1.0 micron. A one or two point calibration procedure is available. For optimum repeatability, the sensor should be mounted within +/-1.0 degrees of the glass surface. Transparency of the glass should be greater than 50% to assure accurate and reliable readings, Beside the GTS2 sensor, LMI Technologies (USA), Inc. through its sister company LMI Technologies Inc offers over 40 vision and laser sensor models and over 100 issued and pending patents. Sensors available vary from a micrometer beam sensor to single-point, multi-point and laser line configurations, with ranges from nanometers to over 4 meters (13. ft). OEM inquiries for customized applications are welcome. For more information on new GTS2 Glass Thickness Sensor or other non-contact sensors available in North or South America, contact LMI Technologies (USA), Inc., 562 Lakeland Plaza, Suite 126, Cumming, Georgia 30040 USA, Telephone: (770) 888-6586, FAX (770) 888-0734 or e-mail LMI can also be found on the web at

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